Lonsdor K518ISE Update American car models Saturn – Series 4

Lonsdor K518ISE Update American car models Saturn-Series 4 Update time: Jan.25, 2018 Saturn Astra 2008-2009 Immobilizer Saturn Aura 2006-2009 Immobilizer Saturn Outlook 2006-2008 Immobilizer Saturn Relay 2005-2007 Immobilizer Saturn Sky 2008-2009 Immobilizer Saturn Vue 2008-2009 Immobilizer

GM Mangoose II Pro Review: Perfect, works with 2017 GDS2

Chinacardiags.com reviews from http://mhhauto.com/: Hey guys found the best knockoff(if it actually is)GM Mongoose out there, only $75 bucks but it works better than the vxdiag, which bricked some modules on me but this recovered and reprogrammed them perfectly and works… Continue Reading

Does Foxwell NT510 scanner support my car?

Foxwell NT510 multi-system scanner supports your car? I’ve collected all data for you all. Use “Ctrl+F” to search it quickly. If you cannot find your model, it doesn’t mean yours is not supported. Check it here: foxwell-chrysler-function-list.pdf  (6,596.5K) foxwell_nt510_landrover_functionlist-v1.00.pdf  (1,965.8K) Foxwell-NT510-Ford-Functionlist-V1.00.pdf  (5,640.6K) foxwell-nt510-landrover-function-list.pdf  (1,965.8K) foxwell-toyota-function-list.pdf  (202.0K) nt510-ford-function-list.pdf  (1,826.8K)… Continue Reading

Lonsdor K518ISE Update American car models PONTIAC-Series 3

Lonsdor K518ISE Update American car models PONTIAC-Series 3 Update time: Jan.23, 2018 PONTIAC Aztec Immobilizer PONTIAC Bonneville Immobilizer PONTIAC G3 Immobilizer PONTIAC G5 Immobilizer PONTIAC G6 Immobilizer PONTIAC G8 Immobilizer PONTIAC Grand Prix Immobilizer PONTIAC Montana Immobilizer PONTIAC Pursult Immobilizer PONTIAC Solstice Immobilizer

VVDI2 V5.2.1 Software Free Download

VVDI2 latest software version V5.2.1 update 2018-01-23 Download link: https://mega.nz/#!ihYR1ahQ!NHkHfI6Xe7jpJ86Yrf3eGb_NUS5wZJgtNIcJ3ywAQeQ Require firmware V5.2.0 ===== VAG V5.2.1 ===== 1. Bugfix for access some MQB(Continental/VDO) instrument 2. Improvement for prepare MQB dealer key: Now we support all original blank key or MQB key… Continue Reading

VPECKER E4 Mobile update information 2018-01-08

VPECKER E4 Mobile update information: DISPLAY UI upgrade to V4.6 1.Optimize UI display 2.Add retrieve password function 3.Improve diagnostic capabilities and communication layer stability 4.new model software update reminder. 5.Optimization of diagnostic data flow interface interaction. 6.new freeze data stream refresh function. 7.Add history reminder for diagnostic menu click. 8.Optimize APP installation package size. 9.fix some bugs. Original:VPECKER E4 Mobile update information 2018-01-08