Porsche Piwis 3 Installation Tips

car diagnostic tool

Some tips for those with Piwis 3:

You must have a genuine one with the recovery partition.
From the bios you enable the recovery of the tester, that will install V30, you can keep the imprint and PPN parameters by ticking the boxe.

this only work on V30 to V33.

set up a local wireless network and fake up the query that the system sends to access Porsche network website sending back another website of our choice.( crédit to strong engineer for that one).

it runs under windows 8 and there is UAC active by default and you can’t 
copy data, unless you have a good knowledge about how to defeat it.

for new version 37.250.020, this is your way to go:


you will have no issues with Piwis tester software on Lenovo T440P

good luck

piwis-3-tips-1 piwis-3-tips-2 piwis-3-tips-3