Porsche PIWIS 3 V38 software download link vs. SD card vs. HDD/SSD

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Well a lot peoples have successfully updating new piwis 38 upload it.

what benefit among free download links on the web, sw on sdcard and sw on disk (HDD or SSD)??

Here, will explain the difference for you guys………

HDD/SSD amd SD card is shared to the people who don’t  have a way of downloading  the freely shared software and transforming it into a usable product.

The improved and repacked version on SDCard or disk is what’s more interesting here ,  so it completes the installation in one step.  No intervention or restart,  or copy and paste needed. 

Some people were doing updates and completing them,  and having to manipulate the registry to make it look like it’s a good update,  where in fact the second step of the update was skipped and control unit calibration data was not copied to the hard drive,  but the old calibration files might have already been deleted. 
That is the CUP installation part. 
In the registry the D-word walue of 0X0010 had to be corrected to 0X0000 so it looks complete and the Piwis User screen comes up. It was greyed out otherwise. 

SDCard has all the original data on it, less the windows updates,  Virus and printer programs,  
Those are not essential or needed, and they tend to hang up the installation. 
SDCard in a sense is simplified and reencrypted in a way,  so all Piwis 3 units recognize it,  and execute it. 
I’m certain that your SD Card is not like that. 

The reason the installation completes with certainty because no user intervention is needed,  and when it’s ready,   one can be sure that all parts of the update were completed with 100%  certainty.  You start the installation from the “Update” button in Piwis,  not by copying the files in first from the decrypted SDCard. 
It completes the update as it’s designed to do. 

It is NO doubt a better and improved product,  from the factory SD Card,  although it is based on it. 
Maybe this helps and clears up the uncertainty in your enquiry. 

I’m addressing the people who need this type of service,  not the ones who already done their updates,  ( complete or not) . The only requirement there is,  that the Piwis 3 Update is not disabled. 
In some of the versions people have out there, that is the case,  where they don’t have clear access to the desktop and updating is turned off in some unknown manner. Those people will end up with a different solution. 

But if you have no idea of software installation in a PC or want piwis with 100% relief, it will be better to get a Porsche tester unit with PIWIS installed on a laptop before delivery.

source: http://www.chinacardiags.com/wholesale/vxdiag-vcx-doip-porsche-piwis-iii-with-v37250020-piwis-software-on-lenovo-t440p-55341.html 

Maybe this sheds some light on an already if not dark,  but certainly merky subject.