R270 Programmer Red vs Blue PCB: R270 Blue Wins!

ECU Chip Tunning

R270 Programmer with a RED board: NOT WORK


The r270 has red pcb does not read the m35080 eeprom from my e90 dash, i’ve also bought some new eproms but still no luck…

R270 Programmer with a BLUE board: WORKS GOOD


Using blue one adapter, very happy with it

after changing power supply no problem to erase m35080 , it read before with chinese power supply , of course 358080VP not erasable

Tip 1: helpful- M35080 V/VP not read/erase:
1- Change the power supply to good quality: 12V 1.5A !
2- Change capacitor :


3- Change resistor:


Note: rework r270 on your own risk

If you are not good at pcb rework, go to have a HQ clone confirmed working with m35080:


Tip 2: How to make R270 better on M35080:
Replace the resistor R11 by 200-1K resistor.


Note: rework r270 on your own risk

Tip 3: R270 Blue PCB works good with m35080

R270-BDM-programmer-m35080-1 R270-BDM-programmer-m35080-2 R270-BDM-programmer-m35080-3 R270-BDM-programmer-m35080-4 R270-BDM-programmer-m35080-5 R270-BDM-programmer-m35080-6 R270-BDM-programmer-m35080-7 R270-BDM-programmer-m35080-8