Review on Autel MK808

car diagnostic tool

I am a fan of DIY and I have already owned a number of diagnostic tools in my box. But now those tools fail to meet my demand as I want to do more diagnoses, not just reading and erasing diagnostic trouble codes. In other words, I need a higher-end tool for realizing my purpose. Hence I searched on the internet for some weeks to find a suitable one, and finally this Autel MK808 turned out to be the best choice.


After reading the user manual carefully I turned on this obd2 scanner, connected the cable to it and plugged the cable into my car. Since this tool was equipped with built-in batteries, I did not have to installed batteries myself. The Autel MK808 started to communicate with my car automatically and recognized the car, a passat 2012. That is exactly correct. Looking through the screen I could also know the year, manufacturer, type of engine and so on. If a new car were bought in the future, this auto VIN technology would give me access to know whether or not the new car was damaged, robed or illegally refitted. Indeed helpful.

Unlike those previous tools in my box, which usually only carried zero to four systems, this new tool MK808 is able to diagnose full systems such as Engine, Transmission, SRS and ABS, body, powertrain etc. Really astonished! Therefore, I think this MK808 is a most affordable purchase for me.

Except for diagnosing full systems of my passat , this scanner MK808 is able to do many other things. For example, it supports IMMO function. After getting the key password from the Autel, I can reprogram a new car key myself via this function. Meanwhile, this function allows me to lock the lost car key for fear that someone would pick it up and steal my car. This MK808 also supports other services, including oil reset, EPB reset, BMS, TPMS and more. After changing oil, I use this tool to reset service mileage and service intervals so that new data can be saved again. Similar with oil reset, after maintenance I have successfully reset new parking brake pad and registered new battery with this tool so that the new parts can be recognized by ECU. Otherwise, the maintenance will equal to nothing.

Besides, TPMS service, this function is critical for me. For one thing, on Amazon I find there are a limited amount of comprehensive obd2 scanners that carried TPMS service. Almost them are special products for TPMS or highest-end product at expensive price, neither of those products meets my demand. For the other thing, I do believe that monitor the working condition of tires regularly really matters in ensuring safety. Hence, relearning TPMS sensor is quite needed after changing tires.

Equipped with a 7 inch LCD touch screen, the work efficiency and effectiveness is improved a lot. User interface is well designed, so I am easy to find functions I need and understand diagnostic results. On its screen, I can see the coverage of brands clearly, BMW, Benz, Land Rover, Sprinter, Fiat, Peugeot, Renault, Opel, Porsche, Saab, Skoda… even if in the future I changed a new car, I would still use this tool on the car. In addition, there is a collapsible stand on its back, which provides me with convenience when I operating it.

Above all, although it costs me some time to update, it still works as a great assistant when diagnosing my passat. I think this unit is bound to be stand out from the crow.