SD Connect C5 Mitsubishi Fuso diagnostics: Yes or No?

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Look here: How to choose a decent SD Connect C5 for Mitsubishi Fuso diagnostics

SD connect C5 MB SD Connect C5 Mitsubishi Fuso SD Connect C5
Image MB-SD-Connect-C5 Mitsubishi-Fuso-SD-Connect-C5
Diagnosis Yes Yes
Coding Yes No
Programming Yes No
Mercedes-Benz Yes Yes
Smart Yes Yes
Mitsubishi FUSO No Yes
Cobus No Yes
Maybach No Yes
Setra No Yes
Bharat-Benz No Yes
FotonDaimler No Yes

MB SD Connect C5:

MB SD Connect C5 software download:

Mitsubishi Fuso SD Connect C5:

Mitsubishi Fuso SD Connect C5 diagnostics download:

FYI, both SD Connect C5 software share the same main interface when you login.

But the vehicle coverage is different for use. For normal MB SD connect C5, you have luck with Mercedes and Smart only!