SEC-E9 CNC Key Machine and NSN11 2 in 1 Tool add Nissan Key

Operation points for attention:

1. Use a LISHI NSN11 2-in-1 tool to open the Nissan hack car door lock;

2. Write down the key tooth number read by the 2-in-1 tool;

3, enter the “data search” – “key blank search” – “manual input” in sec-e9 kutting machine, from the left third place to enter thecombo tool to read the key tooth number ;

4, the flat key blank milling jig fixed to the upper layer , selected from the group select “velocity”, “three-terminal targeting ” mode,Cleaning clip before cutting with hygiene, the cutting is completed, remove the key, the cleaning jig health ;

5, cutting is completed, remove the key, and use the original lock to detect whether the cut is successful, unlock the lock.