SEC-E9 CNC Make Peugeot Key (All Key lost / increased)

key cutting machine

SEC-E9 CNC Make Peugeot All Key lost & Increase keys:

Operation points for attention:

1, (All Key lost) enter the main interface of the “car”, select “Peugeot”, flat-milled Peugeot models are selected “206”, then select “2001 ~ [6 ] “;

select-Peugeot then-select-2001-6-

2.1. (All keys lost) After the key card, the six English letters are key tooth number codes, select “manual input”, enter “NPSRNR”;

enter-NPSRNR enter-NPSRNR-1 enter-NPSRNR-2

The key pattern detected by the code check is the same as the original key

2.2. (All keys lost) Peugeot’s flat milling key is the shoulder positioning method. Use the positioning piece to assist the key blank to be fixed on the fixture, remove the positioning piece, select “medium speed”, “left and right positioning mode”, and click “cut “, “cleaning fixture health”, close the safety door and start cutting;

close-the-safety-door-and-start-cutting Use-the-positioning-piece-to-assist-the-key-blank-to-be-fixed-on-the-fixture

2.3. (The key is lost) After the cutting is completed, the cleaning jig is sanitary, the key is removed, and the original lock is used to check whether the cutting is successful and the lock is unlocked smoothly;

After-the-cutting-is-completed-the-cleaning-jig-is-sanitary check-whether-the-cutting-is-successful

3.1, (add key) The original key is fixed on the fixture in accordance with the shoulder positioning method, remove the positioning piece;

remove-the-positioning-piece The-original-key-is-fixed-on-the-fixture

3.2. (Add Key) Click “Check Key Data”, tick “rounded down” and click “Check Key Data”.



3.3. ( Increase keys) The number of teeth that is read by the machine (just coincides with that on the key card), the key blank is fixed, and the safety door is closed.