SEC-E9 key cutter + Lishi 2 in 1 tool program TOY43 key

key cutting machine

Important notes for you all:

how to program Toyota TOY43 key using a SEC-E9 key cutting machine and Lishi 2 in 1 set

Pick the lock using a Lishi 2 in 1 locksmith tool


Toyota TOY43 door lock: 8 blades, ignition lock: 10 blades;

Enter the “data search” – “key blank search” – “manual input”

Enter the key codes decoding by the Lishi tool

Start at Position 3 on the left


Fix the key with help of the SEC-E9 clamp as the pic displayed

Select “middle speed” and “three end positioning”

Clean the lamp and cutter before cutting the key

The key is cut successfully

Remove the key

Clean the clamp again

sec-e9-lishi-progtam-TOY43-key-3 sec-e9-lishi-progtam-TOY43-key-4

Missing teeth query – find out the specific tooth depth of the ignition lock:

empty the first two digits, and input the known 8 digits, click on “Query”;

try one by one from the detected tooth number;

turn on the ignition lock and do the remote control matching

sec-e9-lishi-progtam-TOY43-key-5 sec-e9-lishi-progtam-TOY43-key-6


Note that you can find the key cutting machine is kind of different from that on the web. Because it’s the Chinese version – SEC-E9z, not the international version – SEC-E9. But you can cut Toyota TOY43 keys using a SEC-E9 key cutter with relief, as SEC-E9z and SEC-E9 share the same functions in terms of car key cutting. For details of “SEC-E9z vs SEC-E9”, please go to the site: