Should I buy a Tech 2 hand held or GM MDI?

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Thread: Tech 2 Scanner hand held or GM MDI?

Tech2 hand held support more then Opel cars.
It support also Isuzu, Suzuki, GM and SAAB
Just changing the PCMCIA card or flash it the one you have if you have only one with the software for cars that you need.
But this tool cannot be used with GDS2 in newer cars models after 2008 ( here we are talking in newer cars as Insignia and Astra J not the models as Corsa D 2014 wich is still supportted by the Tech 2 hand held )

GM MDI can be used as Tech2 hand held in cars from 1997 till 2014 ( but models before 2008 ) using Tec2Win emulator and can be used with GDS2 in newer models cars as Insignia and Astra J
GM MDI doesn’t support Suzuki and SAAB

Both tools suport SPS Programming. But MDI is 20 to 70% faster compared to the Tech 2 for SPS programming, which helps alleviate battery drain on vehicles. This means flashing new ECU software is both quicker and more stable,for example, re-flashing an engine ECU using the Tech 2 could take up to 1 hour, with the MDI it’s just 10 minutes. You can therefore flash 6 cars with the MDI in the same time as it would take 1 with the Tech 2.

I’m also using a HQ OP-COM clone with the lastest version of softwear wich cover even Corsa D 2014 made in february 2014 ( it covers allmost all functions of Tech2 for cars between 2004 – 2013 and better connection for cars before 1997 even it is the same tool revision B hardwear ) and an AVDI ( using Tech2win and GDS2 )

If you need a better cover my advise to you is to buy a GM MDI but the GM Tech2 hand held it is still good

Anyway in the end it is your choice-this is only my opinion
Good luck

FAQ: GM MDI vs. Tech 2

1) Will I need a subscription to use the MDI?

yes currently you need seperate subscriptions for tech2win(tech 2 emulator)
gds2 (newer diagnostic application for global a cars and up) and sps (reflashing)

2) Will I be able to scan and tune without a subscription?


3) should I sell my tech 2 and buy a MDI?

they can pry mine from my dead lifeless fingers

4) are they cloning GM MDI’s or are all the GM MDI’s I see for sale the real deal?

i have seen clone mdi’s make sure its from a reputable source

I have zero experience with the GM MDI so any education is very much appreciated

i use my tech 2 on a daily basis (i own a repair facility)

i also use tech2win and gds2 and gm sps frequently using a cardaq-m interface

if you wanted a way to access tech2win and gds2 and sps (for factory flash updates) the cheapest way currently is the mongoose gm 2 interface by drewtech ($495 iirc)

however you will still need a subscription for the desired function