SKP1000 Key Programmer Adds Chevrolet Aveo 2012 Folding Key Operation

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Guide to get Chevrolet Aveo 2012 security pin code and add a remote folding key by using  SKP1000 key programmer


Vehicle & Key Information:

Vehicle: Chevrolet Aveo 2012
Original key: 3-button remote folding key
Frequency: 315MHz
Chip: ID46

Folding key to be programmed: use KD900 remote maker to generate KD remote NB07-ETT-GM
Remote programming: automatively generate remote when program success
Security pin code: required
Device: SKP1000 tablet car key programmer



Step 1: Get Pin Code

skp1000-Chevrolet-Aveo-2 skp1000-Chevrolet-Aveo-3 skp1000-Chevrolet-Aveo-4 skp1000-Chevrolet-Aveo-5 skp1000-Chevrolet-Aveo-6

Dissamble Aveo BCM (Body Control Module) under the dashboard

Find out and locate 25160 chip

Read 25160 chip data with a programmer, i.e Yanhua CKM100/Digimaster 3/Xprog

4-digit pin code is displayed in Line 000A0: “1904”


Step 2: Program key

Connect SKP1000 car key programmer with vehicle via OBD socket


Turn ignition to ON position

Select GM-> Chevrolet->Aveo->Key Programming->Immobilizer system

skp1000-Chevrolet-Aveo-9 skp1000-Chevrolet-Aveo-10 skp1000-Chevrolet-Aveo-11 skp1000-Chevrolet-Aveo-12

Choose OBDII connector

Turn ignition OFF


SKP1000 display current key number: 2


Select Program Key function


Turn ignition ON

Enter 4-digit immobilizer pin code just read


Configuring system, please wait for about 10 minutes

Turn ignition OFF

Remove the key


Open and close the door on the driver side

Close all electronic equipments

Press YES to continue


Turn ignition ON


SKP1000 prompts “Whether to program next key?” which means the first key has been successfully programmed.

Press YES and follow steps above to add 2nd key, press NO to go back.


Test the new remote folding key.