(Solved) Global TIS Error E4998: License invalid for this computer

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Confirmed! Global TIS is verified to work 100% with VM Ware on a Macbook Pro or Air. Installation help can be used for Error “E4998: License invalid for this computer (please, re-register)” when you try and launch GlobalTIS. You can find a work around here but it re-register usually means re-install…

Here is the version of VM can be used on a Mac:


So, the process is:

1. Uninstall GlobalTIS
2. Reboot VM
3. Click on the GlobalTIS ISO on the desktop. This will launch the installer. When asked, say IGNORE to not use Saved Data from previous install!
4. Install GlobalTIS.
5. Enter Fake Dealership information. Register via FAX. Save the PDF information. (there’s no reader installed in this XP so copy and paste it to the host system)
6. Click on the shortcut to the GlobalTIS keygen on the Desktop. This will take you to the folder in my documents.
7. You need to copy over two files: KeyGen.class and Keygen.bat to GlobalTis lib folder in the following location:


C:\Program Files\GlobalTIS\tomcat\webapps\tis2web\WEB-INF\lib

  1. Open license info.txt on desktop. This will be holding pen for our software key.
    9. Paste your code from the registration.pdf inside the text document. Remove the dashes.
    10. Run/CMD
    11. Change directory to Keygen and press enter.


cd C:\Program Files\GlobalTIS\tomcat\webapps\tis2web\WEB-INF\lib

  1. Run the keygen copying your code without dashes at end (from registration.pdf). Here’s an example with how it should look:


keygen.bat 155CE2A5C2FCD8F0919F7DDDC3FBC39AD0670F45832DDB3D26B92B8A03642A72

  1. Select all in the command window and copy (right click) then paste over to your holding pen text document.
    14. Enter the Request ID (in PDF), Subscriber ID(Keygen – starts with a “T”) and the License Key to your GlobalTIS registration form.
    15. Sometimes the register now button is greyed out. I found that if I edit my dealership data bogusly (add a space) it somehow is able to be un-greyed.
    16. If Java MDI comes up saying it isn’t installed, you can hit “skip”