(Solved) ICOM WinKFP cannot update ZB number

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This is for how to update ZB numbers with BMW ICOM and WinKFP.


Hello. I’m using ICOM A2 with easyconnect mode OBD_ab625 and type remote”. I’ve been trying to update E53 and E60, DDE and EGS. It goes all well and in the end, it says OK. But when I look in inpa ZB number, it’s still the same as it was before. And when I try again to update, it still shows the same updateable ZB number as before. Is my winkfp setting wrong? I’m using the latest SP datens and latest winkfp.

I’ve attached the settings picture below.



Rather, you have everything OK
these old models have not got the latest software for ages,
someone already made the update, and you only did the fix,
to let winkfp choose,
F1 comfort mode> F3 update ZUSB> enter vin. > Done> ZUSB program
and that’s enough for winkfp to pick the latest soft


On a side notes,

you have “write UIF” in your winkfp settings disabled.
so UIF isnt being written after flash