(Solved) MINI VCI not connect using Techstream

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For those of you who have commented on successfully seeing the connector work via the firmware update tool, but not able to connect using the Techstream software, I think I know why.

The information that is copied to the registry gives very specific locations for the Xhorse drivers. Make sure that the directories you create are in EXACTLY the same location specified in the instructions, and with the exact same spelling and wording as listed. Not sure if capitalization matters or not, but to be safe I’d even make sure that is followed.

I was having the same problems others had noted. I was getting a connection error message within Techstream. I looked at the registry info and saw it was all there, but I also noticed that the file locations were called out there as well. I double checked my folder names, and sure enough I had a typo in one of my folder names. I fixed it and was then able to connect to the car.

One other thing to note. There is something about the MVCI Driver files that my anti virus doesn’t like. It kept deleting it. I had to add it to my exceptions list to make sure it remained intact. If that gets deleted, your Techstream won’t be able to connect.

Hope this helps.