[Solved] SD Connect C4 Workshop Mode Disconnecting

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I need a little help here. I setup a SD Connect C4 (tested with 12.2017 and 03.2018 Xentry) and it works fine using the LAN cable and the Ad-Hoc Wifi connection. The Wifi card is a genuine D-Link DWL-G650 and it is working fine and connecting to the network.

The problem is that when I am in Workshop mode and if I open the SD Connect toolkit administration tool, I can see the SD Connect. But as soon as I close the administration tool, the connection with the SD connect is lost.

Like I said this only happens in Workshop mode. I tested with 3 different computers with fresh Xentry installation and the same problem happens.
Any suggestions to solve it?

EDIT (with a solution):

After tracing the traffic, I saw SD Connect uses multicast. So if the router have problems with multicast, you will have a problem.

Unfortunately both routers I have are not fully compatible with multicast. So I ended installing an alternative firmware to one of the routers.

Another solution is about using your own notebook as a router. There is a lot of free virtual router software you can install in your notebook.

Credits to the thread from marcusbr