Submit data log on Autel IM608, when you fail to tests on a car

auto key programmer

This is for those with AUTEL IM608 have failures when doing diagnostic tests or key programming on some vehicle.


What is Data Logging?

The Data Logging section allows you to launch Support platform directly to view all records of all sent or unsent (saved) data loggings on the diagnostic system.

Why & When do you submit data logging?

Records the communication data and ECU information of the test vehicle.

The saved data can be reported and sent to the technical center via the Internet.

Then the Autel engineers will help analyze the problem you have on some vehicles.

How to submit data logging on Autel IM608?

To submit Data Logging reports

  1. Tap the IMMO application button from the MaxiIM Job Menu. The Data Logging button on the toolbar is available throughout theIMMO operations.
  2. Tap the Data Logging button. The button displays blue during theactive recording process.
  3. Tap the Data Logging button again to end recording. A submissionform will display for inputting of report information.
  4. Tap the Send button to submit the report form via the Internet. Aconfirmation message displays when the report has beensuccessfully sent. 

Note: Toolbar functions such as saving and printing of test results can be performed throughout diagnostic testing. Data logging and access to help information are also available