Free Download CGDI Prog BMW F series programming database share a piece of free CGDI Prog BMW F series programming database. 1.CGDI BMW: BMW F series programming database download: After you complete download, the file is like this: Unzip it. This folder contains these files shown as below. Right… Continue Reading

Lonsdor K518ISE program BMW FEM BDC key via OBD

Lonsdor K518ISE is the latest key programmer tool which is able to program BMW FEM BDC key in the dismantling FEM module method (same as Xhorse VVDI2, Yanhua BMW FEM key programm, etc.), what a nice feature is the Lonsdor official notice: the BMW-FEM/BDC is updated… Continue Reading

Which one is better Lonsdor k518ISE or obdstar X300 DP (key master DP)?

Today we share the difference between Lonsdor k518ISE and obdstar X300 DP (key master DP)  vehicle coverage obdstar X300 DP (key master DP) feedback: I have the Key Master and its Ok works 50% of the time and the rest it fails to communicate.… Continue Reading

SKP1000 Key Programmer Program Ford Focus 2014 Folding Key without Pin Code

How to use SKP1000 car key programmer to program Ford Focus 2014 none-smart folding Key without security pin code. Top 7 reasons to get SKP1000 Tablet: 1. Powerful Auto Key Programming with multifunctions like mileage correction,remote controller, Oil/service Reset, throttle body adjustment, EPB, pin code calculation… Continue Reading