Free Download CG PRO 9s12 Software

From this post you can get the newest informations of CG PRO 9s12 Software  CG PRO 9S12 Software Download CG PRO 9s12 Update Log: ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- (2019.03.28) CG-Pro updated! Here is the released note! 1. CPU->MCU, added support chip    Motorola – 9S12 9S12H12    Motorola – 9S12 9S12H256    Motorola – 9S12 9S12KGKT128… Continue Reading

CG-Pro 9S12 new update Porsche key matching!

CG Pro 9S12 brand new free upgrade, support Porsche key matching! 1. Increase the Porsche write key function in models and key matching 2、NEC D70F3548 D70F3558 D70F3585 D70F3385 D70F3469 D70F3628 3、Motorola -9S12 9S12HA32-0M34S 9S12HY32-0M34S 9S12HA48-0M34S 9S12HY48-0M34S 9S12HA64-0M34S 9S12HY64-0M34S 9S12XHY128-0M23Y 9S12XHY256-0M23Y… Continue Reading