Where to look for Tech 2 solutions? (Attached Forum List)

Here is a list of good forums you can use if you have any Tech 2 issues to discuss with fellows. Tech 2 which best: http://blog.chinacardiags.com/clone-tech2-scanner-purchased-very-pleased/ Tech 2 good clone where to: http://www.chinacardiags.com/wholesale/gm-tech2-gm-diagnostic-scannerworks-for-gm-saab-opel-suzuki-isuzu-holden-1011.html Tech 2 china clone difference: http://blog.chinacardiags.com/tech-2-clone-sp23-b3-sp23-1-sp23-b-sp23-c-confused/ Tech… Continue Reading

GM Diagnostic & Programming: Tech 2 vs MDI vs Snap On Solus

This is software and equipment to get on with GM cars (2003 Monte Carlo SS, and a 2009 Cadillac STS) for diagnostics and programming. In order to perform “advanced functions” on GM Vehicles you are going to need something that talks… Continue Reading

How do you think of Tech 2 made in china?

Please advise: what do you think of Tech 2 made in china: http://blog.chinacardiags.com/tech-2-clone-sp23-b3-sp23-1-sp23-b-sp23-c-confused/ I bought my Tech2 from chinacardiags.com and it works great. Cannot really compare software with a Tech2 as that is comparing hardware to a program. That being said, there is… Continue Reading

Tech 2 Scanner for Sale – Able to Program Keys

This is a Tech 2 scanner for sale: http://www.chinacardiags.com/wholesale/tech2-diagnostic-scanner-for-gm-saab-opel-suzuki-isuzu-holden-with-full-package.html It is in perfect working order and has the screen cover. The unit comes with the OBD cable and two cards one for Vauxhall and one for Saab The Candi module and a flight… Continue Reading