Tech II TIS2000 Software Download FREE and 100% Tested!

Download GM Tech2 software TIS2000: Free version: TIS2000 Software Tis2000 Dongle Crack Tested version: TIS2000 with Dongle (working perfect) How to install TIS2000 software: Customer solutions.. here you go…try on your own risk TIS2000 Window XP: Installed a… Continue Reading

What’s Tech2 TIS2000 hardware/security key used for?

I have a question about the TIS2000 hardware/security key. What exactly is the purpose of it? I don’t have one, and was wondering if I can still use the TIS software without it. Reply: There are three versions of the hardware key: the… Continue Reading

Tech2 vs Tech2win – Read before buying a Tech2 clone

It is very difficult here to find a mechanic that can interface with every function (diagnostic, coding, programming) and most don’t know anything about the quirks and troubleshooting methods of these cars. Thats all good, all part of the fun of owning these cars… Continue Reading

How to use Tech 2 for Service Programming System (SPS)

GM Service Programming System manual: The GM Service Programming System (SPS) is a personal computer (PC) application used to reprogram vehicle electronic control modules (ECMs). The SPS application programs General Motors programmable control modules by using the Tech 2 Flash scan tool… Continue Reading