Ksuite 2.47 Reviews: Tested with a lot of cars & ECUs

(10-06-2019) Updated a lot of Ksuite 2.47 test reports here… Works great with red PCB clone  I have done many model BMW cars with it with my friends (e63/60/90) KTAG is coming in the mail to try next but Kess V2 with… Continue Reading

Free Download Ksuite DLL for Checksum Calculation with Kess/Ktag

Big thanks to kitnoos2002 who shares the last Ksuite DLL for checksum calculation: https://mega.nz/#!jwtXnLQI!MRJRTi4XK153BNznquA2nTyus6ZsNvpU6XNytlQX9RA With unpacked dll, the checksum calculation opens and starts faster because there is no self-decompression. Just replace your “DLL” folder in Ksuite with this folder. Tested with… Continue Reading