Lonsdor K518S vs. Lonsdor K518ise,What’s the main difference?

Lonsdor K518ise updated version – Lonsdor K518S key programming tool is released! Look here: what’s the main difference of the new Lonsdor K518s and old K518ise basic package and paid package check details in K518S and K518ise vehicle list you should paid… Continue Reading

New Released Lonsdor K518ise LKE car key emulator

Lonsdor K518ise LKE car key emulator: 1.Features of Toyota/Lexus smart key all lost (5 emulators-in-1) Dismantle-free No need networking Localized computing 2.Generate chip LKE can be used to work as an emergency key to program when no dedicated chip. 3.Copy… Continue Reading