Mercedes odometer correction: Obdstar X300M vs Digiprog 3

Universal odometer correction tools: Obdstar X300M and Digiprog 3, which is better for Mercedes-Benz to change km? Here you go. Obdstar x300m: Digiprog 3: Obdstar X300M vs Digiprog 3 Obdstar X300M is better for Mercedes mileage change esp. for new Mercedes… Continue Reading

OBDSTAR x300M New Update VAG MQB odometer mileage car list

Update! OBDSTAR x300M VAG MQB odometer mileage car list: Follow Link And Select the car model to see the list Audi Q2 MQB 2014.06- A3 MQB 2014.06- Q2 MQB 2014.06-   Seat  MQB 2014.06- Leon MQB 2014.06- Toledo MQB 2014.06- Skoda Skoda MQB 2014.06-   Fabia MQB… Continue Reading

Obdstar X300M vs Digimaster 3 – which better for Ford odometer correction?

Look here: Part 1: Obdstar X300M and Ford Part 2: Digimaster 3 and Ford OBDSTAR X300M Ford odometer correction: C-MAX:2012 Ecosport:type 1;type 2 Edge:2015-(Big color meter) Expedition:2007-2010 Explorer:2007-2010 Focus:2013-;2009-(Multifunctional screen);-2008(Smaller screens) Fiesta:2013-type 1 type 2;-2012 Navigator:2007-2010 Kuga:2012;2010;2012- Color meter Monochrome meter… Continue Reading

OBDSTAR X300M odometer correction tool Supported cars list

Now OBDSTAR X300M odometer correction tool add more newest vehicle list Those models users feedback did not work before are workable now. Add American models e. Ford, Chrysler, GM etc Tip: If you own one OBDSTAR X300M, now update it to own the newest workable models, here X300M update… Continue Reading

New Arrival OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 Key Master with Immobiliser + Odometer Adjustment +EEPROM/PIC+OBDII

New Arrival OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 Key Master with Immobiliser + Odometer Adjustment +EEPROM/PIC+OBDII  This item is brand new and original item, produces by obdstar company. It has multiple functions like: Immobiliser + Odometer Adjustment +EEPROM/PIC+OBDII . In addition, it can do… Continue Reading