FORD (USA/European/ Australian) Key Cutting: SEC-E9 Machine Works Well!

Confirmed! SEC-E9 automatic key cutting machine is confirmed to be able to decode and cut keys to Ford made in Europe, USA and Australia. Look at the chart. Pls search with “Ctrl” and “F” Car Brand Model Year IC Card Ford… Continue Reading

BMW motorcycle F800 key decoding and cutting: SEC-E9 key machine done!

Success! SEC-E9 cnc key cutting machine is able to do decoding and cutting keys to BMW cycle F800! Key machine: SEC-E9 Model: Motorcycle – BMW cycles – F800 2006- IC card: 1375 Decoding Cutting Time: 3 min done! Tech support:

lishi Two-in-one locksmith tool + SEC-E9 easily to add key

The lishi two-in-one locksmith tool is rigorously constructed, well-manufactured, easy to carry, fast to use, and accurate in positioning. It can see the movement of each shrapnel, and the test can clearly show whether the resistance shrapnel is lifted on… Continue Reading

How to use SEC-E9 Do Fo21 Ford Key (270P)

SEC-E9  key cutting machine Do Fo21 Ford Key Operation points for attention: 1. Enter F021 from the data search and select “manual input” in the upper right corner . 2, the input sequence: key handle – the key tip input; 3, ” cutting… Continue Reading

SEC-E9 CNC Make Peugeot Key (All Key lost / increased)

SEC-E9 CNC Make Peugeot All Key lost & Increase keys: Operation points for attention: 1, (All Key lost) enter the main interface of the “car”, select “Peugeot”, flat-milled Peugeot models are selected “206”, then select “2001 ~ [6 ] “; 2.1. (All… Continue Reading

SEC-E9 Formulating Honda Keys Part I: Copying Keys

The following video teaches points: Copy the Honda key using SEC-E9 Car Key Machine. Operation points for attention: Two ways to enter the Honda key; The front position key is placed on the fixture at a specific location; In operation, under… Continue Reading

Close SEC-E9 CNC key tablet automatic update function

Due to the frequent update of windows10, the startup/shutdown was slow, stuck and restarted. To ensure your experience, please refer to the following guide to close the update function. Note: Restart your tablet after the automatic update closes. 1. Press and… Continue Reading