How to install ODIS Service 5.1.5 Windows 7 without problems?

Look here: questions and answers of  VAS5054A ODIS service 5.1.5 install Where to download ODIS latest version 5.1.5? password: stbtl4 It’s ODIS 5.1.5 Postsetup 89.0.50 Only tested with vas5054a and 6154 head  Can I instal ODIS new version… Continue Reading

Review: Xentry Passthru + VAS5054A on Windows 7 64 Pro

Many members write that xentry passthru is okay with VAS5054A. Read the post and get 64 bit driver for VAS5054A: i myself use Dell latitude win7x64 PRO, chipsoft mid (usd131) and pro (usd218) as my adventure with xentry passthru. i chose chipsoft… Continue Reading

How to install VAS5054A PassThru Driver for Xentry Windows 10 x64

Topic: VAS5054A PassThru Driver for Xentry PassThru on Windows 10 x64 Xentry PassThru needs to be installed on Windows x64 to support new models, such as Euro5/6, W205, W213, W222 … However, VAS5054A didn’t work on 64bits as passthru. There was 64bits device driver for VAS5054A but there was no… Continue Reading

Free Download: ODIS 5.1.6 + POSTSETUP + Launcher + License + Plugins

I share with you ODIS-S 5.1.6 + POSTSETUP + Launcer + license + plugins:!HMlnXaAB!f1YLo1LD0iiBIfAFD2WN7dXepEVfD5UZuZ7OLfjPev0 Thanks to omarzoro for his contribution FYI, it’s your own risk! omarzoro and will hold no responsibility for what you try. If you dont wanna… Continue Reading

How Consult 3 software goes for VAS 5054A AVDI KTS

Confirmed! Nissan Consult 3 plus software work good with VAS5054A. Confirmed! Consult 3+ software work with Bosch KTS xxx … Passthru Driver. Confirmed! Consult 3+ software work with Avdi Abritus. So, the problem is how it goes? Here you go. VAS 5054A-PASSTHRU-CONSULT C:\CONSULT-III_plus\System\Application\ApplicationData\CommonSetting\DiagnosticTool.ini …………. [device] vi_device_name=VAS5054#(serien nummer… Continue Reading