ABS Bleed: using Tech II or VXDIAG VCX NANO GM

Should have my Tech II clone unit something this week, and will go through it with a fine tooth comb to see that is really needed. On tech2win, although the op is stating that its working in 64 bit mode, really want to… Continue Reading

GM Mangoose II Pro Review: Perfect, works with 2017 GDS2

Chinacardiags.com reviews from http://mhhauto.com/: Hey guys found the best knockoff(if it actually is)GM Mongoose out there, only $75 bucks but it works better than the vxdiag, which bricked some modules on me but this recovered and reprogrammed them perfectly and works… Continue Reading

2017 Global Diagnostic System 2 GDS2 Download Free: Tested 100%

2017 GDS2 software free download on Mega: https://mega.nz/#!AcNCTJaZ!cIcRazFxMeHIzODpI273xPCutikTQzJAL10-o9-lkBI Version: 2017 Size: 3.48 GB Security: 100% Safe, tested with VXDIAG VCX NANO GM What is GDS2? The GM Global Diagnostic System 2 (GDS2), a PC-based software application, is designed to diagnose… Continue Reading

How to use JLR DOIP VCI SDD Pathfinder for Land Rover 2017

What for Land Rover the 2017 year? JLR DOIP VCI (original or china clone) running Pathfinder or SDD software It’s verified to read and clear codes of Range Rover L405 2007. Worked good!   What is JLR DOIP VCI:   This is… Continue Reading

Free Download VXDIAG VCX NANO Honda/VAS /gm/ford/mazda/Subaru/Toyota Software

Free Download VXDIAG VCX NANO Software 1.Honda HDS software(HDS_3014_011) https://mega.nz/#!tUUwwC7Y!RZHIDh-tHVnIQqxumfvT1vBZb0mqatwnFq8x_M521zE 2.VAS ODIS V19 Software https://mega.nz/#!VMkRSJzI!hHCkAr1uJs799tTOfKlGJ6DHD8_5yVYl_j–fPwWtK0 ODIS 3.03 Software https://mega.nz/#F!UkwAXApa!EBmLdvbNFarPOPjpjX3GzA ODIS 4.13 Software https://mega.nz/#F!VQtWGBBY!glxrnyj7J-qkNVzQ44CfNg 3.GM GDS2 2017 Software https://mega.nz/#!AcNCTJaZ!cIcRazFxMeHIzODpI273xPCutikTQzJAL10-o9-lkBI 4.Ford IDS V106 Software https://mega.nz/#F!FddzWSoI!s9ViguqHPgZI_inOo6ODuA 5.Mazda IDS V106 Software https://mega.nz/#!URcAkYSJ!43aIll-OlnWigy39JtgXe7oyiGcyVR2uBcRE75_akmQ 6.Subaru SSM 2016.4 Software… Continue Reading