Tech 2 can solve climate control system issues in Hummer? YES!

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Topic: Tech 2 clone for climate control system issues in Hummer? How to

Problem: Hello Everyone, I am having a problem with my climate control system in my 04 H2. The driver side was stuck on heat and the passenger side would blow ice cold air. I followed the GM reset procedure and now both the driver side and passenger sides are stuck on heat. Should I try anything else before I tear the dash apart and change the blend actuators?


Try this

Start truck .
Put Ac in auto mode
Turn off engine
Remove battery . Both + and –
Give a day . At least a night
Connect batt
Turn key to on possition. Dont start engine
Give it 3-4 min to relearn .. DONT TOUCH THE AC CONTROLS
turn key to off for not more than 15 sec
Start engine and test Ac
If it doesn’t work then you may need to replace the actuator and again follow the steps

But it is weird the two sides went bad at same time . I would look for more info before trying to change them

FYI if the drivers side is the one you’re having the issue with, it is one of the easier actuators to replace. It is under the glove box and you can replace it just by removing the plastic underneath the glove box. Now if your passenger side was blowing hot and your drivers was cold, that’s when you have to take the whole dash apart

Website: This is the TECH II that I purchased.


Thanks Everyone! I received my Vertronix Tech II- It works great! I was able to re-calibrate the actuators and now the driver’s side is working correctly, The scanner tells me that the passenger side actuator is stuck so I guess I will be taking the dash apart.


I have fully tested it with all systems now and it works great. It told me that I had to replace both of my climate blend door actuators. I was able to tear the dash apart and replace them in 2 hours. Now my AC works again!!!