Tech2Win Windows 10 Installation Tutorial for VXDIAG VCX Nano GM

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This is VXDIAG VCX NANO GM Tech2Win installation tutorial for users with  Windows 10.

What is Tech2win:

Tech2Win is the Tech2 emulator software for GM diagnostics. It allows you to use your J2534 pass thru as a Tech2 on GM vehicles.


Tech2win download:

Free version(try on your risk):

GM Tech2Win V2.256!mJBSyKzK!kR3hI7dU7hS2DBgaBq9rM-78Fllq0GIcPDkTgPoMj2U

GM Tech2Win Newest Bin Files

China 1  V33.003!Tc5w1CiD!z4-Jy7f1gnKRk9IVFuC5ecXaQZ357yxWuVGZ_3Rvn_U

China 2  V32.001!HFoHAS6A!f_gl9Caguh-5wK-l9dUbzjv6baIdN0LREUG5qfn7U7s

– Tested version:

Tech2win V33.003 works 100% 

Tech2win Windows 10 64 bit install:

With any luck, will not have a problem with Win2 tech working on your win 10 64 bit machine.

Just make sure that you have the scanner VXdiag Vcx Nano plugged into your usb port, do a double check in the device manger to make sure it showing up, and when you start Win2Tech, the program should open up, then you should get a pop up screen to select MDI, then the next screen to select the Nano device.

Hence its this pop up screen that I was not getting on my win 10 64 bit machine (could could not figure out a way to get it), so although the win2 tech program was open, it was not connected to the Nano instead.

On my win 7 32 bit machine, if the scanner is not plugged in before the Tech2win program is started, do not get the select device screens as well.

So to bottom line it, if you can get tech2win to work on a win 10 machine, then life if good. Hence you are working on a fast machine so tech2win works native, you can use the VM player to VM into GDS 2, and then just need to build another VM running a full install of XP so you can add TIS2000 to it to use SDS within that TIS200O program, and have the full Monty with the Nano.

If the Tech2win will not work with your current win10 laptop, then here is where it starts to get rough instead. Hence on older Win 7 32 bit laptop usually has a centrino M single core processor in it ( or slower single core slower CPU), and although it runs fine for native win 7 to run Tech2win, it’s when you add in MS VM to it (VM player and VM workstation require a Multi processor CPU), that the VM shells run very slow to run GDS2 and TIS2000 in xp mode . So it still works for the two different configured VM’s that you will need configure differently, but the two VM’s are going to be brutally slow if your trying to keep everything on one machine.

So right now, I have tech2win loaded on my old win 7 laptop, and the VM on my 64 bit machine. If I can score a cheap win tablet type that has a multi core process, then the game plan is to load win 10 32 bit on it, and use if for the full monty instead.
Note, still think that it a Intel verses AMD processor thing for the Win10 64 bit not working problem, since I do see extra drivers in the GM program needed for AMD processors, and these may be what is making the difference.