TIS2000 can be installed on Virtualbox(Win7/Win8), Mac, Lixus?

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One question for TIS2000. Would using Virtualbox on another version of Windows (i.e. 7 or 8) still work as it seems to support them? What about Mac and Linux?

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Right you are, good sir! Running Oracle VM VirtualBox on Windows 7/8/8.1 should – one word disclaimer – work. Once inside the virtual environment, the software – OS, applications, etc… – all see the same emulated “motherboard” and “chipset” – so there is no variation between virtual platforms regardless of the underlying physical hardware.

Of poignancy is the fact that your actual processor ID does show through to the virtual environments(s) running on your computer. So, an i5 running Windows 7 will show up as an i5 in Windows XP.

My Windows 10 machine and your Windows 7 machine will perform in the same manner when running virtualization software… but it’s great that we can utilize some free software (VirtualBox) and an old or “borrowed” copy of Windows XP to perform modern day electronic miracles with our trucks.

I am actually quite interested to see if our little technical document is applicable under Windows 7…if there is anything I can do, please don’t hesitate.

As far as macOS and Linux are concerned, as long as an Intel or AMD chip is the brains, the only problem I foresee is with drivers – particularly with Linux. Some commercially viable USB-to-Serial port adapters ship with drivers for Windows and macOS…but Linux can be a nightmare as far as drivers are concerned. As such, I’d be hesitant to try anything with a Linux box – I’m not that adventurous. 

To Whom It May Concern:

It’s come to my attention that VirtualBox, now at version 6.x, has been broken, due to issues with the operating system, in recent Insider Builds of Windows 10. Honestly, there is no telling how long this issue might persist; as such, I’m working on an implementation of a work-around using Microsoft’s built-in hyper-visor, Hyper-V, for all those cut-throat, gotta-have-it-now types in the Windows 10 Insider Preview program …we shall see what materializes in the coming hours and days. I’ll keep all those interested updated via posts, here.

NOTE: Oracle is dropping 32-bit host support from versions of VirtualBox later than 6.x.  This will effect our usage of VirtualBox, going forward.

To Whom It May Concern:

Oracle HAS ALREADY DROPPED 32-bit host support from future versions of VirtualBox including 6.x. However, the previous version (5.2.x) should continue to suffice for our purposes and varied user-available hardware spectrum. If we stay static with our software setup, I don’t foresee any issues…yet.  This will affect our prescribed software setup of VirtualBox, going forward; that is, we WILL NOT be upgrading our utilized versions of VirtualBox to those later than 5.2.x.

On that same note, I’m currently downloading and updating to a just released Insider Preview of Windows 10 (18361.1) that MAY or MAY NOT address the virtualization issue. I am hoping the Hyper-V work-around I mentioned proves to be an unnecessary complication . I’ll keep everybody posted. 

Once the dust settles, I do believe I’ll update our technical document to indicate software version specificity, etc… To be continued…

To Whom It May Concern:

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the 18361.1 Windows 10 Insider Preview update I previously mentioned DID NOT fix the virtualization error. Microsoft has released another update today , 18362.1, which I am installing as I type this. I suspect this release was another attempt at the requisite fix. Just tested it to no avail…I’ll post new updates as they are available.

NOTICE: can not currently recommend using a Windows 10 Insider Preview machine as the host for a Techline Information System 2000 installation using the methods cited in our gmtnation.com tech doc due to the virtualization issue that currently exists in recent builds. 

Thank you for your time!