tl866a and tl866cs are good programmer

ECU Chip Tunning

Review 1:

tl866A minipro is good choice for 29F200.., 29F400..,29F800..,29F010 and some 8pins eeproms.

Review 2:

tl866A minipro is good programmer, it is Chinese you can find it on web. There is tl866a and tl866cs they both same but the cs has additional socket in front 

To reas atmega mcu by wires.

Review 3:

Tl866 is original Chinese product…. There is no other “original” like for example XPROG and similar tools…

and yes it works good for your needs and you can buy any from a webshop I.E

Review 4:

tl866a and tl866cs Update: Can update sw with newer version when it will be available.

Review 5:

There are available with two SOP44 adapters in green color and red color (shown as bellow), You need the red one for tl866 , I have a miniprog A with red adapter, it works well for 29F400 and 29F200 !!!



Review 6:

I ordered tl866A and red TSOP48/SOP44 and already tested 29f400bb read and write mod file (Skoda fabia simos 3PG) without problem.

For flash 29 44 pin you need the red one and it comes also with adapters for other MCU. First erase 29FX00! After erase you can write.

Question and answers:

Question: I tried to work on 29f200bb , it reads OK (256KB), but with writting I get error
message in the picture bellow (prt sc),even if I tried to write ori file back

This 29f200bb is from sirius 32N, I always read and write this ecu with ktag boot mode without problem, but only this sirius 32N my ktag wont read with boot mode, so I decided to read it with minipro,but It won’t want to write, always with this error.


Answer: For flash 29 44 pin you need the red one and it comes also with adapters for other MCU.

First erase 29FX00! After erase you can write.

Question: I use genuine red TSOP48/44 adapter (test TSOP48 Detect is V3)

Also tried erase chip, erase message successful, but when I tried to read it again its not an empty file with all FFFF, but old data is still on flash

Answer: Solved hi Brushed legs on the flat fine stone was not enough, so I also gently brushed legs from the outside with a little flat diamont file until I have seen a little copper bellow, added a little pcc cleaner, after then I can read and write 29f200BB without problems .