Toyota H Chip on VVDI2 – Things You Have to Know!

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VVDI2 and Toyota H Chip activation service:


Questions and answers include all details….

Toyoto key on VVDI2. Possible?

H chip possible!

Can I use VVDI2 for Toyota?

Yes! Vvdi2 is confirmed to work for Toyota H chip

What does VVDI2 do for Toyota?

It can generate Toyota H transponder(128bit):

  1. Toyota H transponder – Camry, Levin
  2. Toyota H transponder – Corolla (First in the world!!!)

Akl or just add key?

It depends on the car. Some for precoding only

Is the Toyota authorization free or not?

Free for those with vvdi2 full kit only

How to get Toyota authorization for VVDI2?

If you have VVDI2 full kit, you have good luck. It’s free for you. Just go to your vendor and ask him to help you activate toyota h chip function.

If you have VVI2 basic (not full), you should pay for 75 usd for it.

Do you have a link for Toyota H chip authorization service?

Here you go.

How much is Toyota H chip configuration?

75 usd if you dont have a vvdi2 full kit.

What’s “Full Kit” ?

Full kit is born for Standard kit (Basic).

Full kit:

Standard kit: (basic)

But the full kit is not the full authorization.

vvdi2 with full authorization:

(VK-01) key programmer

(VJ-01) passthru j2534

(VW-01) vw 4th immobilizer

(VW-02) vw 5th immobilizer

(VB-01) bmw obd function

(VB-02) bmw cas4 function

(VP-01) porsche write keys

(PS-01) psa function

(VV-03) obd copy 48 chip

(VB-03) bmw fem/bdc function

(VV-04) copy 48 chip 96bit

(VV-05) mqb function

(VT-01) toyota h chip