Update: VPECKER Easydiag added DPF Reset Function

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A great many customers bought VPECKER Easydiag OBDII Diagnostic Tool from us, and told us whether there is DPF Reset function available in the future. Now the manufacture has produced this function, the latest version v8.3 added this function.

Update info:

DPF RESET Special Function Added, covered up to 2014 vehicle models:









V8.3-VPECKER-Easydiag-DPF-FUNCTION-02 V8.3-VPECKER-Easydiag-DPF-FUNCTION-01-768x525


How to download DPF software?

Enter online store-> MSS-> DPF. It may take some time to download the software, due to your network speed reason.


Something you should know about DPF!

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is part of your exhaust and controls the ‘soot’ that would otherwise be expelled from the system. You may have noticed that modern diesels no longer leave you in a cloud of smelly black smoke when they accelerate off. The filter collects a certain amount of these harmful deposits and then burns them off at an extremely high temperature (450 C+), however, short, stop/start journeys don’t get the system up to this extremely high temperature, in normal driving this will happen without you being aware but on continued driving the particals can build up and remain ‘stuck’ in the system. This is really do harm to your precious car engine. It’s at this point the warning light will come on and your intervention is required. Under this circumstance, Do not continue to drive as there is a risk of fire!


The DPF light on your dashboard looks like this: