V5.0.0.0 CG100 PROG III New update (2018/11/05)

car diagnostic tool

CG-100 Prog V5.0.0.0 NEW Update News:

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CG Pro 9S12 Freescale Programmer Next Generation of CG100


1. User interface update

This update brings a new interface and a more unified and easy-to-use operating experience.

2. MB91, added support model

Honda XRV MB91F062BS

KIA 2017 K2 MB91F061BS



Toyota Fortuner MB91F061BS

WuLing Baojun 730 MB91F59BC

Hyundai VERNA MB91061BS

Hyundai 2018 IX25 MB91F061BS

3. Airbag, added support model

Soueast J3858477 80A35A012 A2C38477600 SPC560P40L1

Toyota 89170-02F70 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-30C60 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-0E111 R5F61797

BAIC A00043650 R7F701A033

Subaru 98221FJ110 R5F61725

Honda 77960-THA-H020-M2 R7F701A223

Honda 77960-THA-H030-M2 R7F701A223

Honda 77960-TVA-H230-M4 SPC56AP54L3

Hyundai 95910-S6100 XC2361A-72F

ChangAn 3658100-MK01-W01-AA R7F701A033

Chevrilet 13584587 D70F3548

Chevrilet 26684183 D70F3548

4. ECU, added support model

MT80 LAND WIND X5 28190870

MT80 LAND WIND X5 28373617

MT80 LAND WIND X5 28422026

MT80 LAND WIND X5 3610010HB

MT80 LAND WIND X5 B6000894

MT80 LUXGEN 28190870

MT80 LUXGEN 28373609

5. Other, added support model

BMW X5 handbrake module 9S12DG128

Land Rover Discovery 3 chassis lifting module ST10F269

6. Programmer, added support chip

NEC R7F701401

NEC R7F701402

NEC R7F701403

NEC R7F701404

NEC R7F701405

NEC R7F701406

NEC R7F701407

NEC R7F701408

NEC R7F701410

NEC R7F701411

NEC R7F701412

NEC R7F701421

NEC R7F701422

NEC R7F701423

NEC R7F701424

NEC R7F701425

NEC R7F701426

NEC R7F701427

NEC R7F701428

NEC R7F701430

NEC R7F701431

NEC R7F701432