Vident iLink400 Review: Works Well in Land Rover L319 2006

Have tested my new toy Vident iLink400 off

My car is: Land Rover L319 Land Rover LR3/LR4 2006

The reason why i bought a Vident instead of Foxwell or Autel, lies in that it’s much more cost-effective. and i also have watched some test videos via Youtube that confirm Vident works good with cars for diagnosis.

Another thing i like is the customized application. and it’s cheaper than Foxwell NT510 (now NT520) if i put other software into the device. Usually Foxwell app is 70 usd while Vident sw is 60 usd only. Also, it’s free to update sw for 3 years and the other only for 1 year.

Here i upload images with a bit explanation… Hope it’s helpful.

Select the car: 2006 Land Rover L319

Land Rover diagnosis using Vident iLink400

Read and clear fault codes

Read live data in numbers and graphs

Vident iLink400 hot functions…just share some images….not tested yet

Vident iLink400 service….also not tested yet

That’s all.