VVDI Keytool and 2006 Peugeot 407 remote 0523 ASK: Possible?!

auto key programmer

Key programmer: VVDI Keytool

Car: 2006 Peugeot 407

Remote: 0523 ASK

Problem: VVDI keytool can generate remote for Peugeot 407, 0523 ASK, won’t sync with car , starts ok but no remote .


Discussion: (solution inside)

Adam Goldhawk: Sometimes you need to synchronise remote , press n hold as you turn ignition on as well if correct remote is programmed

Greg Morton-Holmes: Yer try other options. You can rewrite the key so it’s not wasted but sometimes they aren’t what’s listed? If there is working remote do frequency test will tell you if it’s ask or fsk.

Adam Mc Crory: How do re-write them ? It said ‘can’t find SN002 ‘ on the screen , these cars are always ASK , have done lots and lots .

Greg Morton-Holmes to Adam Mc Crory: I’ve just put it back in and chosen different one and it generates.

Adam Mc Crory to Greg Morton-Holmes: yes it worked ok , going to have to return and try them all , any idea why my VW and Audi remotes under Europe all in wrong frequency ( 315mhz ) ?

Greg Morton-Holmes to Adam Mc Crory: mmmm never seen that before. Have you recently updated? Maybe something went a bit wrong?

Adam Mc Crory to Greg Morton-Holmes: no I’ve been onto them about it for months and I don’t think they’ve a clue , whenever I got it it was 100% all vw remotes were there , first time I upgraded using upgrade kit , messed it all up , I just keep getting sent from person to person , I know for a fact that the region changed from EU to NA ( North America ) after the upgrade .

Greg Morton-Holmes to Adam Mc Crory: I’ve updated mine loads never had that happen. The region change would explain the frequency issue as NA would use different frequency to us. Try downgrading the software to previous one and then upgrade again?

Adam Mc Crory to Greg Morton-Holmes: it’s like it’s changed the Firmware . Also last week I cloned a 48 96bit chip online took 12 hours 

Greg Morton-Holmes to Adam Mc Crory: yer the ID48 cloning was really bad. They have now updated server and it’s way faster. Did one Friday took 10 mins

Adam Mc Crory: Yeah mine was after the server upgrade . Work that out .

Greg Morton-Holmes to Adam Mc Crory: I heard a few people who tried straight after server upgrade had similar issue. I think because server was down so many people were trying at the same time it got overloaded. I’m going to do another test on it tomorrow. Before server upgr…See More

Gentian Guga to Greg Morton-Holmes: if the car is after +2008 it need Peugeot Part Numbers: 6490R5 / 6490R4 I have done one today engine start but the remote is not working i have tried to synchronize several time. You need original remote or the one who have those number for Peguot 407 +2008

Adam Mc Crory to Gentian Guga: car was 2006 original part number 649096

Gentian Guga to Adam Mc Crory: what chip do you use pcf7941?

Adam Mc Crory to Gentian Guga: it says 7941 now could have sworn the first one I tried was 7961 which if I’m not mistaken would have wrong remote data .

Gentian Guga to Greg Morton-Holmes: yes it should be 7941

Adam Mc Crory to Gentian Guga: i will try again tomorrow and post update 👍

Adam Mc Crory: Folks correct remote for 407 is 0523 ASK PCF7941 . Works grreat .

Result: Success