VXDIAG VCX NANO GM from order to diagnostic tests

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Order & shipping:

I ordered one direct from vxdiag vcx nano for gm/opel gds2 for $129 with shipping, item from chinacardiags.com, but it will not be shipped out until around Oct. 8th due to the Chinese National Day and many companies basically shut down for the holiday.

They are offering the special price of $99 for the USB only version and $109 for the USB/wifi version until Feb 14th. $20 shipping on top of that for either unit. They say they have a 30 day return policy with buyer responsible for shipping back to them.

I already have Tech2Win setup and Saab GlobalTIS. With any luck, I am hopeful that this will work out and be a decent and inexpensive alternative at a low cost to either a clone GM Tech 2 at around $300 or the Mongoose at $480-$490.


I have tech2win and SaabglobalTIS.

The tech2win install will run under a normal XP install and I already have a version running that has the same 42 day never expires mod.

I also already have SaabglobalTIS running as well, installed in a parallels VM on my Retina MacBook Pro. I’m hoping that all I’ll really need to do is install the specific software and drivers for the VCX nano.

Configuration settings:

Some minor progress. While I have not been able to try it out in the car yet. (EDIT – This is incorrect, it does not show up in the MDI Manager)> I have been able to get the interface to show up in the MDI Manager. The solution seems to be when setting up the Saab bin you need to create a new “button” in the configuration settings and make sure the interface is set to “search” and not a com port number.

I also had to launch the J2534 configurator directly from its own .exe icon. I then found the same tab for the ALLSCANNER-VXDIAG. Not sure if this is completely needed but some more testing should determine that

I have created a separate “button” for each of our 2 Saabs- one labeled “2004 Saab” and one “2008 Saab”. When launching Tech2Win now the MDI manager shows a USB device as the interface and after accepting the MDI icon on the bottom of the Tech2Win screen shows the same interface after launching.

I hope to connect to the car before I drive to work in the morning to see if I can get communication established. I feel very positive that it will work. After I get it working “hopefully” and doing a few settings changes I’ll experiment with the WiFi connection method.

Test on a 2009 GMC Savannah full size van:

So I just tested the VXDIAG VCX NANO GM interface and Tech2win on a 2009 GMC Savannah full size van. I was able to connect, read engine data, read other modules data ( BCM ETC) with no issues. Not sure if this vehicle uses the same low speed CAN in any way. But at least I know the interface and tech2win are working together.

The only real fault with the interface itself is the manufacturers decision to use a micro USB connector on the unit as those are somewhat fragile. A regular full size USB “B” connector would have been a better choice considering where this unit is used and by who.

P.s. I have played a bit with SaabGlobalTIS without being connected to any car and it seems to detect the interface OK for SPS programming. Will have to be cautious with this as I don’t want to brick any modules.

when launching the Saab bin file the window that pops up to select an interface is shown and the VCX interface (22122458-USB) is what is shown. The VCX does not show up in the MDI manager as you have also found. The VX Manager must be the equivalent of the MDI Manager. I think I was assuming that the popup when launching tech2win was tied to the MDI manager somehow. Opening the J2534 Configuration utility shows the tab for the “ALLscanner-VXDIAG” where as you found you can select a box to “enable” monitoring. Sorry for causing the confusion. At first I was not getting the interface to show up at all in the pop up window for interface selection and reloaded a bunch of things and it then started to work properly (detection wise anyway).

The main issue I am having with the interface on the Saab is the I-Bus error – Pin 1 missing. I will have to check the connector under the dash as sometimes it is just a bad connection that can cause this error.

Test on a 2007 Saab 93:

Attempted to make the VCX Nano GM talk to 2007 Saab 93.

VCX refused to connect to the CIM. I believe its the equivalent error to using the DrewTech with the “feature” of dropping low CAN signals enabled.

I did try some other “vehicles” from the GM NAO bin file with not much success in getting engine data etc. Kept getting a wrong vehicle detected.

I did turn on the maximum amount of logging an will be looking at that file later.

Test on 2004 9-4 convertible:

I have just retested with the following configuration on 2004 9-4 convertible with the same I-Bus errors as always. But I can get Tech2Win to launch and see the VCX Nano interface with no issues as always. I can get the OBD2 functionality to work fine (High speed bus I’m sure). The VCX.BIN is a newer version released 07212016.

Mac running a WinXP VM via Parallels 11 (I know it is a VM but it seems to be OK unlike some other VM’s)

Tech2Win 2.302 (cracked)

Saab Global TIS (cracked)



GM GDS2/T2W 2.2.0 160708

So it still seems as though even with this latest update that the bus speed issue is still just that, an issue. Admittedly, Allscanner has not said that this update will cure the issue.

Test on 2008 Vauxhall Vivaro 2.0:

Have Vxdiag Vcx Nano GM with Tech2Win on another laptop for speed limiter removal on a 2008 Vauxhall Vivaro 2.0 (90bhp m9r 782): success!

Vxdiag-Vcx-Nano-GM-speed-limiter-removal-1 Vxdiag-Vcx-Nano-GM-speed-limiter-removal-42 Vxdiag-Vcx-Nano-GM-speed-limiter-removal-44

Test on a Buick 2008 GL8 Firstland:

Buick 2008 GL8 Firstland engine: (C) 3.0L V6 LZC

Worked perfect. Both OK in ECM & TCM programming! Online!


So far, satisfied.

I will report more of my findings here.

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