X300 DP PLUS Update Announcement of October,November,December 2018

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OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS / X300 DP Update Announcement of October,November,December 2018:

Update Announcement of December 2018



1.Updated the car logo

2.Increased security algorithm scan in BOSCH 3385+24C16/BOSCH 3469+24C16/ BOSCH 3558+24C32 type


Increased security algorithm scan in BOSCH 3385+24C16/BOSCH 3469+24C16/ BOSCH 3558+24C32 type


1.Optimized GETZ 2006-2011 IMMO system 

2.Optimized new IX35 2017- smart key system


1.Optimized pre-coding function 93C66

2.Optimized remote programming function

3.Optimized Linea/Punto pre-coding function

4.Optimized Viaggio key programming function

5.Optimized 70F3379+93C86 pre-coding function

6.Optimized 93C66 and 70F3237+95160 pre-coding function

7.Optimized Fiat Viaggio vehicles (no dentate knob) key programming

8.Increased Abbas, including 500(2008-)/GRAND PUNTO(2006-)/PUNTO(2006) 


1.Optimized T700 smart key system

2.Increased T300 remote system type2

3.Increased T300/T500/T600/T700/Z500/Z700/SR7/SR9/Damy X5/Damy X7 pin code reading


1.Increased ME7.6.1 pin code reading from ECM system

2.Increased security algorithm scan in BOSCH 3385+24C16/BOSCH 3469+24C16/BOSCH 3558+24C32 type

3.Increased X14XE/X16XEL/Z12XE/Z14XE/Z14XEP/Z16XE engine pin code reading function   


Increased smart br453 key programming bypass


1.Increased CAPTUR 2016- menu

2.Increased Clio 4 2016-key programming(no need pincode)

3.Increased TWINGO 2014- IMMO function: key programming and data recovery

4. Increased LADA XRAY 2015- IMMO function: key programming and data recovery

5. Increased LODGY Type 2 IMMO function: key programming and data recovery

6.Increased the prompt: take out the key and then insert the key in Clio 4 after pincode verification

7.Optimized LADA XRAY 2015- key programming

8.Synchronized duster PinCode calculation method

9.Optimized Clio IV key programming problem (prolong the key recognition time)


Increased Lufeng X2 smart key system


1.Increased Peugeot BIPPER vehicles

2.Increased Citroen NEMO type3 and type4


1.Increased Wingle 5 car body control system

2.Increased Hover H2S SIIC Transportation IMMO system

3.Increased Hover H4 start system without key

4.Increased Hover M6-2017 smart key system

5.Increased Greatwall C30EV car body control system

6.Increased Hover H6 SPORT(CHB022) smart key system

7.Increased Hover H6 2013-2017 car body control system

8.Increased H5 commemorative edition car body control system

9.Increased Hover H6 (blue logo)Delphi car body control system and UMC car body control system


Increased 2018 Kicks IMMO function


1.Increased TOURNEO vehicles

2.Optimized Transit 2014+ type1

3.Increased 2013- Transit key programming type 1


1.Updated the car logo

2.Increased VW all keys lost function

3.Upgraded MQB generate dealer key function 

4.Upgraded 8E chip generate dealer key function


1.Increased 14-15 Grand Cherokee pincode reading function

2.Increased 15-17 Dodge DURANGO read pincode, add key, erase key function

3.Increased 16-17 Jeep GRAND CHEROKEE read pincode, add key, erase key function

Cluster Calibration


Optimized KIA CEED D70F3423 vehicles cluster calibration function


1.Increased Commander 2017-2018 cluster calibration function

2.Increased Pacifica 2017- cluster calibration function

3.Increased Compass 2018 cluster calibration function

4.Increased Ram-700 2015 cluster calibration function


Optimized the Peugeot 301 dashboard system writing EEPROM procedure problem


Increased MOBI 2018 cluster calibration function 


1.Increased TOYOTA CH-R D70F3535 cluster calibration

2.Increased TOYOTA_TACOMA_D70F3535_2016 cluster calibration


1.Increased SX4 2013 cluster calibration function 

2.Increased SWIFT D70F3421+24C16 cluster calibration function


Increased QUARTOPORTE-95160, GHIBLI-95160, LEVANTE-95320

ECU Clone


Revised the software structure: display reading and writing EEPROM/FLASH function after logging into the system

Oil/Service Reset

New Increased:

FAW Senia(auto reset):R7

GM/Buick(manual reset):





Zotye(auto reset):


Chery(auto reset):

Rely Series:V8

Riich Series:G2/G6

Karry Series:K50S/K60

Chery New Energy:eQ1/Arrizo 5e/Tiggo 3xe

Chery Series:Arrizo 5/Arrizo 7e/Arrizo GX/Tiggo5X/Tiggo 8

Honda(manual reset): AVANCIER

Jaguar(auto reset): F-Pace

Jaguar(manual reset): XEL(2018)/F-Pace(2018)

YEMA(auto reset): T70S/SPICA


1.YEMA: T80/T70

2.Zotye: Optimized T700 reset failure

3.FAW: Optimized Besturn X40 reset failure 

4.Maserati: Optimized Quattroporte/M156 reset failure 

ECU Programming


Increased EWS reset function in G series                                       

Update Announcement of November 2018



New Increased:

Verna IMMO system

IX35 remote system

Mistra 2014- remote system

Avante 2012- remote system
Accent 2005- remote system

I30 2009-2013 remote system
SONTA NF 2009-2010 remote system

Verna 2010-2016 remote system
Elant 2004-2017 remote system

SONTA EF 2004-2008 remote system

Increased remote system type 6

Elantra 2008-2011/2012- remote system

Verna 2017 IMMO system and remote system

IX25 2014- IMMO system and remote system

New Tucson 2012- IMMO system and remote system

Verna 2016-2017 remote system and smart key system

Sonata 2015-2017 remote system and smart key system

Elantra HDC EV IMMO system, remote system and smart key system

New Elantra 2017 IMMO system, remote system and smart key system

Sonata 8 2011-2016 IMMO system, remote system and smart key system

Optimized 2008-2011Elantra key programming procedure:

Firstly enter the pin code, then start key programming


New Increased:

K2 2011 remote system
K3 2012- remote system

K5 2011-2013 remote system

Remote system type4 and type5

Cadenza (VG)2010-2011 remote system

OPTIMA 2004-2014 remote system

SORENTO 2007-2008 remote system

SPORTAGE 2008-2014 remote system

CARENS/RONDO 2014-2016 remote system

KX3 IMMO system and remote system

CADENZA/K7 IMMO system and remote system

KX5 remote system and smart key system
KX7 remote system and smart key system
Cadenza (VG)2013-2016 remote system and smart key system

OPTIMA(MAGENTIS) 2007-2010 remote system and smart key system

Smart key system (no card slot) type7
BORREGO 2009-2011 smart key system
CARNIVAL(SEDONA)1998-2001 IMMO system

OPIRUS(AMANTI) 2009-2010 IMMO system, remote system and smart key system


1. Increased IMMO pre-coding function
2. Increased remote programming function

3.Increased Viaggio vehicles pre-coding function

4. Develop key programming function(all models)

5. Increased 3379+93C86 reading and writing FLASH function

6. Increased ECU version information collection in pre-coding process

7. First released Fiat(Brazil Only)/Ferrari/Alfa Romeo Key Programming

8. Increased network connection prompt and detection in IMMO pre-coding function  

Optimized the 3K91D pre-coding

Optimized Viaggio vehicles (no dentate knob) key programming


New Increased in pin code reading:

1. Increased Lacrosse 2017- BCM pin code reading
2. Increased Regal 2017- BCM pin code reading
3. Increased Envision 2017- BCM pin code reading
4. Increased Encore 2017- BCM pin code reading
5. Increased GL8(2.5L) 2017- BCM pin code reading

1. Increased ATS 2017- BCM pin code reading
2. Increased ATSL 2017- BCM pin code reading
3. Increased XTS 2018- BCM pin code reading
4. Increased XT5 2017- BCM pin code reading
5. Increased CT6 2017- BCM pin code reading
6. Increased Escalade 2018- BCM pin code reading

1. Increased Cruze 2017- BCM pin code reading
2. Increased Malibu 2017- BCM pin code reading
3. Increased XL Malibu XL 2017- BCM pin code reading
4. Increased Camaro 2016- BCM pin code reading
5. Increased SILVERADO 2017- BCM pin code reading
6. Increased SUBURBAN 2017- BCM pin code reading
7. Increased TAHOE 2017- BCM pin code reading

1. Increased SIERRA 2017- BCM pin code reading
2. Increased YUKON 2017- BCM pin code reading

New Increased in smart key system:

1. Envision 2017- smart key system
2. GL8(2.5L) 2017- smart key system

1. Camaro 2017- smart key system
2. Silverado 2017- smart key system
3. Suburban 2017- smart key system
4. Tahoe 2017- smart key system

1. XTS 2018- smart key system
2. Escalade 2018- smart key system

1. Sierra 2017- smart key system
2. Yukon 2017- smart key system


Optimized Buick Excelle 2015-2017 without smart key system

Increased the network connection prompt and detection in BCM pin code reading function


1. Increased Peugeot 5008 smart key system

2. Optimized 2017 Citroen C4 smart key system


1. Increased the internet status judgement

2. Optimized the Johnson control dashboard function

3. Optimized some old models long-time waiting problem in cluster calibration


1. Increased Clio 4/CAPTUR

2. Optimized Clio 4 and relevant prompt

3. Optimized Megane 02-08/DUSTER 14-18 key programming function


1. Optimized pin code reading procedure

2. Increased DACIA pin code reading menu

3. Increased prompt for some models don’t support

4. Increased 95040 pin code calculator 

(support:DUSTER 2010-2014 LOGAN ; 2010-2013 SYMBOL 2010-2013)  Read PinCode — Type 3(From 95040 EEPROM) 

1. Increased KA models pre-coding function

2. Increased 2013- Transit key programming function Type1


Increased L200 TRITON under Australia district


Shielded IMMO system ISO protocol


Increased BAIHC HYOSOW H2 smart key system


1. Revised the ’Help’ instruction
2. Revised cfg profile and car logo

3. Optimized smart key system type 5 procedure

4. Revised the prompt in making dealer key process


1. Increased 20 to 8 online calculation (Type51)

2. Revised the problem in cfg file and car logo duplicate

Cluster Calibration


New Increased:

1. Increased Lacrosse  2017- cluster calibration
2. Increased Regal 2017- cluster calibration
3. Increased Envision 2017- cluster calibration
4. Increased Encore 2017- cluster calibration
5. Increased GL8(2.5L) 2017- cluster calibration

1. Increased ATS 2017- cluster calibration
2. Increased ATSL 2017- cluster calibration
3. Increased XTS 2018- cluster calibration
4. Increased XT5 2017- cluster calibration
5. Increased CT6 2017- cluster calibration
6. Increased Escalade 2018- cluster calibration

1. Increased Cruze 2017- cluster calibration
2. Increased Malibu 2017- cluster calibration
3. Increased XL Malibu XL 2017- cluster calibration
4. Increased Camaro 2017- cluster calibration
5. Increased SILVERADO 2017- cluster calibration
6. Increased SUBURBAN 2017- cluster calibration
7. Increased TAHOE 2017- cluster calibration

1. Increased SIERRA 2017- cluster calibration
2. Increased YUKON 2017- cluster calibration

Solved the Silverado 2003-2006 cluster calibration security verification failure


Solved some GLK X204 chassis vehicles cluster calibration failure



1. Revised the log in judgement mechanism

2. Revised the way log out from the function menu

ECU Clone


Revised profile preserve route to be the ‘DATA\\’menu

1. Revised software structure

2. Optimized the communication time according to the vehicle test

3. Display the reading and writing EEPROM and FLASH function after logging into the system

4. Increased a security algorithm scan in BOSCH 3385+24C16、BOSCH 3469+24C16、BOSCH 3558+24C32 type

APK Software

Increased vehicle search and upgrade search

Update Announcement of October 2018



Increased DELPHI 70F3379+93C86 pin code reading function


1. Optimized VESTA 2015- pin code reading procedure 

2. Optimized 2008- KANGOO pin code calculation method


Optimized Opel Corsa D key programming


1. Increased MQB calculation type

2. Increased VW Beetle IMMO pin code reading

3. Solved EEPROM reading problem for part of Audi models


1. Updated 2018 Explorer (smart key system) key programming bypass

2. Updated 2018 New Mondeo (smart key system) key programming bypass

3. Increased Lincoln 2015- MKC/MKZ/Continental smart key programming

4. Ford 2013- Transit/2015- Escort/New Mondeo/EVEREST/FIGO/FIGO ASPIRE/FUSION/GALAXY/RANGER IMMO key programming


key programming 


Increased Refine A60/M5/S2/S3/S7 smart key system

Supports: program ESCL, add new key, add old key, erase key, read the key quantity, reset IMMO ECU, reset engine ECU, 

program IMMO ECU, program engine ECU, initialize IMMO ECU


Optimized Emgrand X6 Nunn smart key system:

1. Increased the pin code writing to “07 31 XX XX”command in PEPS programming 

2. Increased the judgement condition of program success in PEPS programming


Increased Suzuki SX4 type

Cluster Calibration


1. Solved Benz B series cluster calibration failure

2. Solved the cluster calibration problem of part of Mercedes-Benz W211 chassis models


Upgraded Audi TT/A3 cluster calibration function

ECU Clone


1. Increased the function menu of login and logout system

2. Increased independently reading and writing EEPROM/FLASH function

Peugeot ECU Clone

1. Increased the function menu of login and logout system 

2. Increased independently reading and writing EEPROM/FLASH function  

GM ECU Clone

1. Increased the function menu of login and logout system 

2. Increased independently reading and writing EEPROM/FLASH function

Tablet Display Program Software

1. Increased software introduction, upgrade instruction,

2. Increased the button transfer logic in ‘Help’ section

CN-> hide button

TW->CN->hide button

other language->EN->hide button

3. Solved the problem Of StdPC.bin erro report