Xhorse VVDI MB for w164 2009 AKL- cant read password

Hi, do anybody had same problem as me? Xhorse VVDI MB TOOL for MB w164 2009- cant read password AKL. IFast adapter not work (tested 3 adapters), cable is ok. In slow version everythink is ok, but need 2.5h and too many work with ir adapter….

Normally you need gateway!!!

Mercedes A164 W164 Gateway Adapter for VVDI MB BGA TOOL and NEC PRO57 US$25.99:


VVDl MB TOOL Power Adapter with Gateway Adapter:


i have got problem with a 164 -2009 …when you put ir key in eis … you read a litle part of file and after reading stop .. ?? 

i have put in put out put in put out many time to see on th right 1 and 2 and 3 por cent … and i do it like that…about 30 minutes in and out ir key in eis…


Gateway will help me 😉 vvdi mb tool is a POWER