(09.2019) Tech2Win and GDS 2 Released Notes

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An update to the Tech2win software (Version 2.336) was released on April 22 in TIS2Web. The software includes a fix for the MDI/MDI 2 Device Explorer not coming up for some users. The digital certificate was also updated. Users should update Tech2Win at their earliest convenience to avoid warnings of an expired certificate.

The Tech2Win update is available by clicking on the Software Download icon or the Utility Tab located in TIS2Web

In addition, an update to the GDS2 core software (Version 21.0.01501) was released on April 15 in TIS2Web. The GDS2 update includes numerous bug fixes.

The GDS2 software update is available by selecting the GDS2 icon in TIS2Web. 


Updating Software

When updating to a new core version, many firewalls/antivirus programs will recognize it as a new application. It may be necessary to engage your local IT support to ensure GDS2 is entered as an exception in these programs to allow normal functionality. GDS2 users also need full administrative rights to install the update. If issues are encountered with GDS2 not functioning properly, right click on the GDS2 icon on the desktop and select “Run as administrator.”

– Thanks to Chris Henley

You might have update issues like:

Error 1:

I cannot launch GDS2 application. “The system cannot find the file specified -t2w-proxy.jar” is displayed when I click the GDS2 icon. 

Error 2:

I also get a message from ACDelco TDS java live run.
“Unable to launch the application”
SPS V. 6.1.57

To avoid issues, you’re advised to get the tested version:


Version: 07.2019

  • Used for: Both China GM MDI USB version and GM MDI WiFi version scanner
  • Easy to use: Insert the HDD with GM MDI gds2 software into your computer; the software can be used directly with the GM MDI scanner, which doesn’t need activation.
  • Ability: Will provides the full dealer level diagnostics and programming for all Vauxhall /Opel 16 pin vehicles from 1996 to 2017. The GM MDI diagnosticsoftware gds2 can be installed on 2.5′ SATA HDD,  with the Win7 Operation System.

latest-gm-software-download-1 latest-gm-software-download-2 latest-gm-software-download-3
Attention please!
* Please make sure your computer supports Win7 64 bits system.
* Computer system requirements: the year after 2008, 4GB RAM
* If computer failed to boot up, please enter BOIS system and change the SATA driver to AHCI.