2002-2005 Sprinters T5 Transponder AKL and VVDI2 + VVDI Prog: Possible?

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Topic: VVDI tools for 2002-2005 Sprinters T5 Transponder AKL?

Thread: Does anyone here have any experience with 2002-2005 sprinters? Akl, dump read from temic unit with vvdi prog and t5 chip written with vvdi2. Reinstalled unit, made physical key, turned ignition and start error is shown


Jerry King Possible issue with the read?

Vlad Osadchyy  i noticed it wasn’t reading for a while and at some point it logged in with a empty security code and game me an empty dump, i ran another read with the “default” security code and at that point it gave me a good looking dump which showed 5 stored keys

Jerry King  is there any chance you corrupted the data? Did you save the original bin? Pull again and verify nothing changed?

As said by someone else it may be possible it’s just the vvdi2. But I’d check things to cover your bases. If you can get the pin you can also just program it by obd

Vlad Osadchyy  i read it twice to make sure it’s not throwing random dumps at me, because like i said it wouldn’t read for a while, and both dumps match

Curtis C J Perry check the type of transponder chip that you used. I know for a fact we had to use glass chips on this model previously as the carbon T5 transponder chips didn’t work because the aerial isn’t strong enough within the chip

Vlad Osadchyy i even put the chip directly into the antenna, and tried it at different distances, but yes, it was ceramic

Curtis C J Perry the only other thing that I can think of is that if you were using the vvdi2 to program the chip from the dump, maybe the key maker is wrong. Saab twice module doesn’t work so maybe this one doesn’t either. Can you read the key data and find it in the file?

Vlad Osadchyy Unfortunately I am not that advanced in the art of eeprom, i do not know which code lines store the key data

Curtis C J Perry If you send the file to me and a pic of the key readout, I can have a look in to it for you.

Or even a screenshot of the hex file will do

Vlad Osadchyy Also i first tried to write it with tango, tango does not recognize “t5” chips, maybe I can try veggie 12, also i have original Benz abrites, but i could not find option to make key from dump, only “repair start error code” which modifies to dump

Curtis C J Perry If Tango doesn’t recognise T5 chip I’d say you’re using bad chips man

Vlad Osadchyy give me one moment, the data is on my work laptop in the van, i would really be glad to come back tomorrow with a new strategy, i take my jobs personally. It’s me vs. the car lol

Edit: strange, because other scanners recognized the chips, and after programming with vvdi2 they read out as id 12

Eric Demers tango won’t read a blank t5 but it will program it. Once it is written it should read a temic in this situation. Just put the t5 in when your ready to write with the keymaker and it will do it. Tango is the shiznit! Vvdi2 is a good tool but dump tool is just stolen software from old tango.

Patrick Walker immo has lost sync with ecu

Vlad Osadchyy what is the procedure to re-sync and which programmer support this

Patrick Walker read dump from both ecu and immobiliser and run through programme.you said your abrites has a option to repair start error. that’s should do it

Vlad Osadchyy will try this, because i thought maybe my t5 chips were bad,but turns out they are fine, also on these sprinters do they crank with bad chip or no crank at all?

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