2008 Benz C300 engine reset/adaptation with Vediamo

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My 2008 C300 needs an engine. I’m looking at scraps for a used replacement one and thinking of getting a 3.5L upgrade.


Looking at this, there appears to be a selection for the type of engine with Xentry. My car does not support DAS with the scanner I have so I would need to do this in Vediamo instead.

I talked to a local shop that guarantied me it will work since he’s swapped 3.5s in c230s and c300s before. Apparently I will just need to go in with my Xentry and do an engine reset/adaptation once the engine is in. There’s no going back now, I checked out the engine today before they pulled it out of the car and it basically brand new. 2012 glk350 that got rear-ended with only 62 000km so I couldn’t pass that up. It will be a nice upgrade over my 292 000km 3L.

Let’s just say I wasn’t nice too it and it was one red line too much. Its unfortunate since it didn’t burn any oil and it ran so good for having just about 300k on it. I haven’t confirmed exactly what went wrong but cylinder 4 has zero compression, my guess is the timing chain skipped a tooth at redline. If you are going to be pushing these engines, I recommend a minimum of a timing chain tensioner replacement at 250k and have the chain inspected.

Thanks @ltwargssf 


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