2012 F30 FEM/BDC Key Program using Auro OtoSys IM100 (IM600)

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Tested! Auro OtoSys IM100 (IM600) works no issues with FEM/BDC keys to F30 2012.

In detail…

What is FEM?

FEM: Front Electronic Module.

FEM is a module that controls certain aspects of your car. I believe FEM controls the outer body components like PDC, lights, windows, mirrors, doors, etc.

the cars electronics are composed of a few modules that are responsible for some electrical parts and reports back to the ECU.

think of it from a corporate point of view: CEO (ecu) > managers (module) > workers (components)

Can you use Auro IM100 or IM600 to program FEM/BDC keys?

Confirmed! Auro IM100 and IM600 share the same sw for immo and work perfect for FEM/BDC key programming.

Take F30 2012 model.

Look at the video:

Note that between Auro otosys IM100 and IM600 (tontact http://www.chinacardiags.com/)in immobilizer functions:

Main difference lies in Mercedes, VW, Audi software

Software is Same but differ hardware. IM100 use UP200. IM600 use UP400.

Up200 doesn’t allow for eeprom and use of breakout leads through the custom pinouts.

Discussion of Auro IM100 and IM600 via Facebook: