2016 Ford F150 BCM Restore using Ford ELMconfig Forscan Adapter

obd2 code scanner

Purpose: Body Control Module (BCM) Restore

Car: Ford F150 the year 2016

Programming tool: Ford ELMconfig Forscan


Connect your OHP Ford ELMconfig USB adapter to vehicle,then run FORScan on you laptop

Connect to vehicle


The FORScan will prompt you with the feedback needed massage

Click on “Yes” to continue


Then it will check your Ford F150 modules status as below


After then click the “Configuration and Programming” icon at left menu


Select “Body Control Module”, then click on “Run” button to start configuration and programming


It will prompt you with the warning massage,just click “OK” to continue


Wait for system to read BCM blocks


After then click on “Load All” button too load BCM original abt file

FORScan-Ford-F150-2016-8 FORScan-Ford-F150-2016-9

Then click on “Write All” button to start restoring BCM


Wait system progress completing


Now,it prompt you the blocks programmed successfully

Please cycle the ignition OFF and then back ON

Stop service procedure and click “Disconnect from vehicle” button to end operations


Note:The restore button works like this: say you’ve gone into the programming screen of a module and made multiple changes but haven’t hit the “write all” button yet and then decided you want to revert one of those changes; you could press “restore” on that address. If you’ve only made 1 change to a module and want to restore, the quickest way is “load all” and “write all”. If you’ve made many changes to a module but only want to restore some of them then you’d “load all” on your original and then go to the individual addresses that you wanted back to original and hit the “write” button at the end of that address line.