2018 New Reviews: Fgtech 4 Gallatto V54

ECU Chip Tunning

(02/26/2018 updated) Reviews of Fgtech 4 Gallatto V54 china clone:

Ford EDC16C34/2
read and write by OBD OK

Almost all Fords 1.6TDCI will do Read/Write OBD but there is one specific version of EDC16c34 that will not finish writing on 84%, writing back original also fails at 84% but car can start again, it is rather rare out of 50 cars i saw that only on one, it also is structured differently when you look at it in WinOLS, i found that one in Ford Focus (hatchback) 2006.

Opel insignia Edc17c19 read ok write fail
Use fgt v52 read ok write ok

s-max dcm 3.5 bdm read write ok
bmw x3 edc17 read write ok
jaguar xm edc17 read fail

VW Crafter 2.5tdi BJK engine 2006

reworked galletto did very good. R/W perfect!

VW Polo 1.4 8v TDI 2008
EDC17U01 – Read / Write – OK ( BOOT Mode )

A4 b7 1.8t bfb after read cant start car via od me 7.5. Mus writer via mpps.

Skoda Roomster 1.9tdi Edc17U01 with Boot R/W done all perfect.

read/wrote tricore EDC17C10 by bootmode on a citroen C3 II 2012
with a non reworked v54.

Siemens Sirius 32N R/W good in boot mode
Siemens Sirius 34 R/W good in boot mode
BMW Motronic 7,2 – good in boot mode

Fgtech v54 galletto 4 china clone. Bought from ……..

Tested cars:
Peogeot 207 1.6thp Bosch MED17 Read/Write by OBD OK! Checksum correction OK!
Ford mondeo Delphi mpc555 Read/Write obd OK! Checksum OK!
Bmw E90 320d edc16c35 R/W obd OK! Checksum ok!
And many other edc15/edc16 mb,vag etc all ok by obd/bench.

With MPC55xx in ECU Volvo/Renault E5, TRW,
my reading process up to 90% and stops.
MPC5xx by BDM is ok.

It does work 100% perfect with the AMD version of the 29F400BB eeproms, but with the ST versions it detects them as 29F800BT eeproms, which means each chip is dumped twice making a 1024kb file, but more importantly it means you can not write back via bdm.

Porsche 2012 MY – VAG EDC17CP44 read\write in boot mode failed – could not disable TPROT
SsangYong Korando 2.0 eXDI Delphi DCM3.7 read by OBD – ok\write – failed; read\write by BDM\JTAG – failed.
using FG v54 clone

Siemens sirius 32n boot – r/w ok
Using eu fgtech with dongle…

Land Rover Defender Diesel 2.4L Puma with FoMoCo DCU-106 – Read ok. Write not tested yet.

Full reworked Galletto Tool-0475
Peugeot 206+ 2010 1.4 8v 75cv Valeo-Johnson J34P : OBD R/W CHKS OK