Audi A4 key learn: Otosys IM600 or Xhorse VVDI2?

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I have Auro Otosys IM600 pad and Xhorse VVDI2 programmer. Which one can i use for Audi A4 key learn

If your A4 is produced before the year 2012. Otosys im600 can be a good helper.

If after 2012-, i advise you to do it with VVDI2.

Look here:

Otosys IM600 and AUDI A4 2009

otosys-im600-audi-a4-1 otosys-im600-audi-a4-2 otosys-im600-audi-a4-3 otosys-im600-audi-a4-4 otosys-im600-audi-a4-5 otosys-im600-audi-a4-6 otosys-im600-audi-a4-7 otosys-im600-audi-a4-8 otosys-im600-audi-a4-9

Xhorse VVDI2 learned a key to Audi A4 2012-

vvdi2-vag-5th-immo-audi-a4-a5-key-1 vvdi2-vag-5th-immo-audi-a4-a5-key-2 vvdi2-vag-5th-immo-audi-a4-a5-key-3 vvdi2-vag-5th-immo-audi-a4-a5-key-4 vvdi2-vag-5th-immo-audi-a4-a5-key-5 vvdi2-vag-5th-immo-audi-a4-a5-key-6 vvdi2-vag-5th-immo-audi-a4-a5-key-7 vvdi2-vag-5th-immo-audi-a4-a5-key-8 vvdi2-vag-5th-immo-audi-a4-a5-key-9 vvdi2-vag-5th-immo-audi-a4-a5-key-10 vvdi2-vag-5th-immo-audi-a4-a5-key-11

So, both Otosys IM600 pad and VVDI2 can learn keys to AUDI A4, depending on the year of the car.