Autel AL519 Customer Reviews

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Chinacardiags has collected some customer reviews on Autel AL519:

Use this scanner daily as a “quick check”

  1. The scanner works really well. Doesn’t really lag and displays live OBD data pretty quickly once you scan it. I used this scanner to diagnose a bad O2 sensor. I really enjoy how the scanner can show you readiness monitors (for DEQ testing) and lays it out in a simple to understand manner. I am a professional mechanic and use this scanner daily as a “quick check”.

Its short-comings. But still no problem to use it to clear and reset fault codes

  1. Does exactly as claimed, BUT the notification on a couple of displays only lasts for 2 or 3 seconds and it’s key information that you need to know…which totally bums me out.

I needed the device to reset the alarm state on my 2005 Prius when it goes into a BOGUS fault condition. My car’s multiple computer’s “think” there’s something defective in the main hybrid battery pack…NOT so, after thorough testing, and a new hybrid battery courteous (warranty) of Toyota Motors. The Toyota technician now thinks it’s a faulty hybrid battery computer, that decides when and how to recharge the cells…only $800 installed.

I keep the scan tool in my car to do emergency resets, when and if, the Prius computer’s take a dump. Always the same alarm code, and always clears instantly, and when reset, my Prius runs perfectly.

Work as well as more expensive scanner

  1. This scanner here, what can I say. It works wonders. This scanner is able to read any vehicle I have tried so far. American, German, Swedish or Japanese so far with no issue. It reads live data as well as the very expensive snap on scanner at the shop where I work. It even performs component tests on certain vehicles. Honestly for the 60 bucks I paid I couldn’t have gone wrong. This scanner does anything I need it to and more, having returned another more expensive scanner that did less than this is kinda of satisfying.

Just to let people know some of the vehicles it has worked flawlessly on are

1997 Volvo 850 2.4 5cy

1998 Ford F-150 4.2 6cyl

2001 Nissan Quest 6cyl

1999 BMW 540i 8cyl

2010 Hyundai Sante Fe 6cyl

To name a few and many many more without a hitch.

This scanner will suprise you and work with just about any vehicle that had OBDII.

The dealership read the same codes as AL519

  1. My check engine light was illuminated on my pickup and the Autel Tool read the codes and provided information as to what was wrong. The dealership read the same codes and confirmed that the problems were exactly what the Autel AL519 had indicated

Evaporated system leaks problem fixed by AL519

  1. I went to two different garages to do smog checks and failed because of evaporated system leaks. The scanners at each station indicated that the failure was in the evaporation system from the gas tank but did not indicate what was causing the failure. Consequently,

I spent a lot of money replacing parts without solving the problem. So I bought an Autel AL519 Scan Tool and did my own diagnosis. It showed me that there was a pinpoint leak in the system. Not only that, I was able to reset the computer which neither garage was able to do. It cost me another hundred dollars to get the problem fixed but thanks to Autel it is fixed.

Pros and Cons for AL519:



6 feet cord

Notifications stay for 3 seconds only

No lagging or freezing


Shows real-time graph data


One-Click I/M Readiness Key



Autel AL519 scan tool is good for car owners who want their obd2 readers to perform quickly. It has all the features of both a basic and a professional Scan Tool. Therefore if you are looking for a mid-range scanner this is the right choice