Autel MaxiAP AP200 Function, User Manual and Reviews

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Chinacardiags will introduce a new release product– Autel MaxiAP AP200 to you, let you know its function, how to use it, and offer you some customer reviews.

MaxiAP AP200, a simplified version of Autel MK808 MX808, is a small interface adapter used to connect to a vehicle’s diagnostic connector (DLC) and connect with the Android or iOS device for vehicle data transmission. It is the perfect Do-It-Yourself tool for customers looking for quick and easy diagnostic functions of all systems.


Autel MaxiAP AP200 OBDII Code Scanner Function:

  1. All OBDII functions are available and free
  2. One free vehicle’s software with the initial purchase
  3. Support up to 19 specific functions, including Oil Reset, EPB, BMS, SAS, DPF, TPMS, IMMO, etc.
  4. Expand coverage with additional in-app purchase
  5. Auto VIN technology identifies vehicles automatically
  6. Generate repair reports of tested vehicles and support PDF format for easy sharing and printing
  7. Keep records of vehicles tested previously.

How to use AP200?

  1. Download & install app

Search for MaxiAP200 in Google Play or App Store to download and install the app to your device. Or scan the QR code to download the MaxiAP200 app.

  1. Register & log in

Open the MaxiAP200 app and tap Register near the top right of the screen. Ø Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration. Ø Log in with your registered email address and password. NOTE If you have a previously created Autel ID, please use it to log in.

  1. Bind VCI

Tap Me > VCI Management. Scan the QR code on the MaxiAP AP200 Bluetooth

dongle to put in the serial number. Check if the email information is correct. Tap

Bind to bind VCI.

  1. Purchase & install software

Tap Mall or the plus sign below the Diagnose list to purchase and install

vehicle-specific software. (For iOS devices, the purchased vehicle-specific software will display in the Diagnose list, tap it to another application for diagnosing.) Full OBDII functions included at no charge. One vehicle software is free and permanently valid, you can get it through Mall after successfully binding VCI for the first time.

  1. Plug the connector of the MaxiAP200 tool into the vehicle’s Data Link Connector(DLC). Ø

The vehicle’s DLC is generally located under the vehicle dash.

  1. Turn the vehicle ignition to Key On, Engine Off position. Ø

The LED on the tool will light solid green when connected.

  1. VCI Connection

For Android devices, tap Me > VCI Connection or the VCI button near the top right of the Home screen. For iOS devices, tap Setting > Bluetooth of your iOS device to open the Bluetooth function. Tap the Bluetooth name of the MaxiAP AP200 tool to pair it with the device. The Bluetooth name starts with AP, followed by the serial number of the tool. Ø

Ensure your Android device’s Bluetooth is turned on. Ø

When the device is successfully paired with the tool, the LED on the tool will light

solid blue. Ø

Check if the communication status turns to VCI connected. Tap Done near the top left to return to the Home screen.

  1. Your MaxiAP200 app is now ready for use.

What does different power LED colors indicate?

Power LED – indicates system status. The power LED displays green, blue, red depending on power level and operating state.

  1. Green

Lights solid green when the MaxiAP AP200 is plugged in and not connected with

the device.

  1. Blue

Lights solid blue when the device is connected with the MaxiAP AP200 via


Flashes blue when the device is communicating with the MaxiAP AP200, for example, when the device is reading Engine DTCs.

  1. Red

Lights solid red when the MaxiAP AP200 is updating the firmware or when the update failed.


When the MaxiAP AP200 has lost connection from the device for more than 10 minutes, the LED goes off and the AP200 enters power saving standby mode. The power LED will light when reconnected.

Some customer reviews on AP200:

So with it I could get to know what the real problem is and can tell them what the diagnostics are going to show, putting me in a much better position to not be taken advantage of.

Checked the product on two cars. Opel astra 2009 and mercedes e 2007 and was pleasantly surprised. Scanned all the systems in the car and all the errors that were without problems erased. Very good scanner. If the developer adds multilingualism it will be just ok. 100% recommend.

This is a pretty great way to be sure that you understand just enough to ask smart questions before getting the car into the repair shop and getting cheated by some scam dealers.

So I ordered this OBD tool just wanted to find out exactly what was going on with my 2012 Ford. It was delivered quickly and worked exactly as advertised. First I downloaded the app, followed the instructions on the manual, and plugged this little gadget into the car’s OBD2 port. Immediately I got the error code and helped me to identify a specific part that needed replacing. The best part was, it also came along with an analysis of the situation. I loved the fact that I knew what was wrong with my vehicle before I have to bring it in, which would save me a lot of money regarding going to auto stores, and would not get taught a ton of useless information about the vehicle, was kind of amazing. Otherwise, I would’ve been stuck guessing what was wrong with the vehicle for ages, and get stolen by stealers in auto stores. LOL Overall, excellent buy, no complaints.