Autel MS906 Questions, Answers and Customer Reviews

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Question: Is there any difference between the Autel DS708 and Autel MS906 scanners?

Answer: Yes, there is a huge difference. Even though the Autel MS906 is a replacement of the Autel DS708 scan tool, the Autel DS708 is no longer manufactured. In short, its life was ended. In addition, the Autel MS906 may be a replacement of the Autel DS708 but it doesn’t do everything that DS708 used to do, for instance, to program keys. This is a huge hindrance to many people as they’ve to get the pro version of the Autel MS906 in order to program keys.

Question: Is it a must to upgrade the device or can I use it without upgrading?

Answer: Yes, you can. After you receive the device, you can decide to use it without upgrading or you can decide to upgrade to have the latest software and bug fixes. The manufacturer offers a one year of free upgrades and after that, you will have to pay for the upgrades or updates. But this doesn’t mean that if you don’t upgrade the device won’t function. By not upgrading the device, you will not be able to use it on the latest car models.

Customer Reviews:

Suitable for professionals and car repair shop owners

it is ideal for professional technicians, mechanics, and car repair shops. It is sold at a high price which may be costly for DIYers. Bu with its high-quality performance standards, this makes it be suitable for professionals and car repair shop owners.

Solve 2016 LandRover for rear brake repair and 2009 Hyundai Sonata 4cyl 2-1 rough downshift problem.

Just letting you guys know that I’m a Master Technician and shop owner for over 15 years. The most sophisticated scanner I own is the 2009 ver. of the Snapon Modis which is a great scanner but it became obsolete. With the Maxisys I was a little skeptical with it…cause i have a thing with Chinese made products…but after researching and viewing videos on this scanner…I was sold with it’s functions. When I received it let me tell you…I am impressed as soon as I opened the box. The first thing I like the weight and size of it. It’s light and very comfortable moving around especially that it’s bluetooth…wow done with cables! Next I read people reviewing about disappointments on the updating…it was not as long as they say…I’m connected to cable modem and the update took just 1hr 1/2 and in the afternoon. I did it Ethernet instead if Wifi to make it faster. So I believe those people had connectivity issues. Now the best part, the speed of this thing…incredible. Wow the booting up, the ease of touch screen…it feels like navigating through my Samsung S6. I’ve had this for a week…it it already saved me money. I had a 2016 LandRover RangeRover that needed a rear brake repair…when it came time for the repair, I had no knowledge it had electronic parking brake…so I almost thought I was going to lose that job till I checked to see If the Maxisys had the electronic brake release feature…and shocking it did!! I was so happy! Next job I had was a 2009 Hyundai Sonata 4cyl, complaint was it had a 2-1 rough downshift…found there’s a recall that needed to be reprogrammed on these symptoms…guess what…this thing has a Transmission ECU reset feature…and it worked! Unbelievable! I’m very happy with this and also glad I didn’t go as far as investing in Snapon or Matco products. It’s good enough for me!

Works well on Mercedes, BMW, Toyota Sienna and a Ford Ranger truck.

Non diagnostic related functions

I am more than impressed with what this little tool can do for the price. I was able to do variant coding on a W212 Mercedes, Airmatic calibration and it still had a lot of other useful features( it was able to access all of the 46 modules installed on the Merc).

I also used it on a BMW, Toyota Sienna and a Ford Ranger truck and it was able to access all of the modules there as well, perform live tests, actuations, adaptations ( I saw the option to perform shift adaptations on the Mercedes but I haven’t tried it yet) and resetting to default values where applicable.

One cool thing I like about it is the ability to perform graphing ( to a limited extent – not oscilloscope detail but still on par with equivalent but more expensive tools on the market like SnapOn or Matco).

The not so great parts would be the other, non diagnostic related functions like:

1) Email sharing of the diagnostic files ( they have an embedded app but it doesn’t work with yahoo or gmail servers – I got around it by downloading the yahoo app and using that one to send files to my computer)

2)The tutorial section ( it’s pretty much non existent and for the most part doesn’t even connect to the Autel servers)

3) The complete lack of wiring diagrams and any sort of schematics.

Overall this is a great tool to have around for working on your car, pre purchase inspections and helping out friends. It’s biggest plus in my opinion is it’s price, none of the competitors can even get close to it price wise.