C6 Corvette check engine light on, solve with Tech2 clone perfectly

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HaveC6 Corvette, last year I did a major engine compartment detail getting our car ready to put in a big Corvette show at a GM dealer and club sponsor. As soon as I started the car after the detail I had the check engine light come on with a fault code indicating “high intake air temperature” WTF? Luckily I had just recently received the Tech2 clone that I purchased and was able to retrieve and clear the code. It has been a year now and no more codes have come up since.

My daughter also recently had an air bag fault code set on her Chevy Cruze that resulted from trying to crank the engine with a low battery that resulted from her kids playing with the dome light and leaving it on. The rapid clicking of the starter solenoid triggered the air bag fault and it required a Tech 2 to cancel that fault as well.

From where to have one Tech2 clone?

You can buy anywhere but is better if have a quality control number on interface Tech2 clone.


Source: http://www.chinacardiags.com/wholesale/tech2-diagnostic-scanner-for-gm-saab-opel-suzuki-isuzu-holden-with-full-package.html