CG-100 Released Notes (03.2019)

auto key programmer

(2019.03.28) CG-100 V5.1.0.0 updated successfully! Look here: cg100 new features

  1. Mileage(8 Pin), added support model:


  BAIC Huansu 38200000-J01-000 M30S


  BAIC Huansu H3 38200000-B32


  BAIC M20 38200000-B01-000 ZB189B1


  Baojun 310 23893175


  Baojun 730 23565446 II


  BENZ GLA200 A1569009202


  Besturn B30 3820015-EY LB107 ZB1190A


  BISU M3 38200000-H01-000


  BYD F3 BYDF3-3820100-B1


  BYD S6 S6-3820010F


  BYD Surui 5A-3820010A


  CHANGHE Freda ZY-ZB116B-12 34100DF8800-000


  CHERY YOYO K08-3820010EV


  CHEVROLET Sail 9024464


  Dongfeng AX3 QZB1068


  Dongfeng Dalishen 3801010-C0112


  Dongfeng Fengguang 330 3820010-FA12


  Dongfeng Fengxing Linzhi 320133 CV3-3820010 CM5B-3820


  FAW SENYA R7 3820010A4V7 LB107 ZB1191B


  FORD Edge FK7T-10849-ANH II


  FORD Escort ED8T-10849-AF III




  GEELY Yuanjing 94209-01


  GEELY Yuanjing 94209-01 II


  GREAT WALL C50 3820100XJZ31A


  HONDA ACCORD 78100-TB2-H030




  HONDA CRV 78100-T0X-H116M1


  HONDA CRV 78100-T0X-H411M1


  HONDA CRV 78100-TLZ-H813


  HONDA CRV 78100-TMB-H015




  HONDA ODESSEY 78100-T6D-H114M1


  HONDA ODESSEY 78100-T6D-H214M1


  HONDA SPIRIOR 78100-T6M-H016-M1


  JAC Kangling JAC-2020 3801910D8BT1


  TOYOTA Alphard 83800-58390-1


  TOYOTA Alphard 83800-58601-C


  TOYOTA COLOLLA 83800-02V20


  TOYOTA LEXUS 5700 83800-6AU41-B


  TOYOTA LEXUS ES300H 83800-33P50


  TOYOTA PRADO 2700 83800-6AL80-C


  TOYOTA PRADO 83800-6BN20-C


  TOYOTA Sienna 83800-08710-00


  WULING Rongguang ZB169P-B


  WULING Rongguang ZB169P-B II


  ZXAUTO Grandtiger G001268 3820010-1501 V3820


  1. Mileage(8 Pin), algorithm update:


  EVERUS S1 78100-SOL-H011


  HYUNDAI Accent 94003-0M010


  1. MB91, added support model:


  WuLing Baojun 530


  WuLing Baojun 560


  1. Programmer, added support model:


  Fujitsu MB91F060BS


  1. Improvements and fixes:


  a.9S12 Volvo model adjustment process optimization.


  b.MB91 WuLing Baojun 730 Pin Diagram repair.


  c.Mileage(8 Pin) and Airbag(8 Pin), function page update, increase the search function entry, increase the wiring diagram list.


  d.Updated Renesas R5F61725 driver code, now supports reading.


  e.Other functions Delphi anti-theft 93C66 (6Pin) wiring diagram update, increase the read password function.


  f.Program architecture optimization, memory footprint reduced by 70%.


Tip: The old version of the software has stopped function updates, and will end support after the next few versions of the update, please apply the new version as soon as possible.